The Mantra for the sprinkling of the Shakti is —. Whatever it is made of it should be clean and of pleasing design Then let him offer to the Devi the ocean of ambrosia, a mountain of meat and fried fish, a heap of parched food, grain cooked in milk with sugar and ghee, the Kula nectar, the Kula flower, and the water which has been used for the washing of the Shakti. Pratyahara destroys the six sins. In offering oblations to the four Gurus, the Vagbhava Bija should first be pronounced, followed in each case by the names of each of the four Gurus

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The sadhaka becomes more and more freed from the darkness of the sangsaraand is attached to nothing, hates nothing, and is ashamed of nothing, having freed himself of the artificial bonds of familycasteand society. It is said that the asana are mahanirvana tantra numerous as living beingsand that there are 8, of these. The Gheranda Sanghita describes a number of mudraof which those of importance may be selected.

Mahanirvana Tantra the Tantra of the Great Liberation Chapter Index

When Shri Krishna stole the clothes of the bathing Gopiand made them approach him naked, he removed the artificial coverings which are imposed on man in the sangsara. This mahairvana the right treatment for those who long for drink or lust for women.

Initiation by yoga-diksha fully qualifies him for yogachara. Bodily action and the health resulting therefrom react upon the mahanirvana tantraand by the union of a perfect mind mahanirvana tantra body siddhi is by their means attained.

Mahanirvana Tantra

The divinity in woman, which the Tantra in particular proclaims, mahanirvanaa also recognized in the ordinary Vaidik teachingas must mahanirvana tantra be the case given the common foundation upon which all the Shastra rest. Kundalini is the Mother of pranawhich She the Mula-Prakritiillumined by the light of the Supreme Atmagenerates. Home Mahanirvana tantra Hindu Mahanirvana Tantra: Pleased by what Siva has bestowed on her, Parvati asks another question concerning worship of Supreme Prakrti in union with Supreme Brahman.


Thou knowest the past, present, and future, and Dharma. Without such purification the disciple is guilty of sin, and the worship is fruitless How can men with the taint of this Age upon them, who are ever of restless mind, prone to sleep and sloth, attain to purity of disposition? Mahanirvana tantra that offer again water for mahanirvana tantra the mouth, and following that a threefold oblation should be made to the Devi with wine from the cup of the Shri-patra The mind is withdrawn from whatsoever direction it may tend by the dominant and directing Self.

His body is smeared with ashes.

Then, after worship of the presiding Deva of the site, and of Brahma in the south-west corner, the place of worship should be cleansed with water taken from the common offering Obeisance to the Moon with its sixteen digits Then let him meditate morning, midday, and evening upon the great Devi Gayatri, the Supreme Devi, as manifested in her three different forms and according to the three qualities The middling variety is made of fried paddy. Whatever it is made of it should be clean and of pleasing design But the bulk of the people there, both men and women, eat fishand men consume the flesh of male goats which have been previously offered to the Deity.

There are various kinds of chakra mahanirvana tantra, such as the ViraRajaDevaMaha — Chakras productive mahanirvana tantra, it is said, of various fruits for the participators therein. At a certain stage of spiritual progress the sadhaka is qualified to worship yantra.


Thou too art omnipresent. Under the tree there is a great mandapa of precious stones, and within it a beautiful bed, on which let him picture to himself his Ishtadevata.

Do Thou listen Though He is in the region of the mahanirvana tantra in the outer or material sphere He also dwells in our inner selves. After worshipping the Devi with all the offerings, sacrifice should be carefully made to Her In the lotus of my heart I contemplate the Divine Intelligence, the Brahman without distinctions and difference, Knowable by Hari, Hara, and Vidhi, whom Yogis approach in meditation, He Who destroys the fear mahanirvana tantra birth and death, Who is Existence, Intelligence, the Root of all the three worlds This subtle body contains in itself the cause of rebirth into the gross body when the period of reincarnation arrives.

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From mananaor thinkingarises the real understanding of the monistic truthmahanirvana tantra the substance of the Brahman and the brahmanda are one and the same. The second tattva is meat from three kinds of animals, those of the earth, sky and water. The sandhya follows, which consists of achamana sipping of watermarjjana-snanam sprinkling of the whole body with water taken with the hand or kusha-grasspranayama regulation of prana through its manifestation in breathagha-marshana mahanirvana tantra of the person of sin from the body .