Da Capo Press Mackenna’s Gold novel by Will Henry. Old Adams Eli Wallach Despite this, the film went on to become a major overseas success, in regions such as the Soviet Union , Central Asia , and the Indian subcontinent. Fresh Off the Boat. This page was last edited on 12 December , at The cuts were made to kidney blows and a man’s head being bashed against a rock during the final fight scene.

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Please confirm or enter it below to complete your profile. Rudy Diaz as Besh.

Mackenna’s Gold – (Original Trailer)

The novel, released inwas based on macanae legend of Lost Adams Diggings. A jealous Hesh-Ke, who now wants MacKenna back, twice tries to kill Inga macanas gold both times he stops her. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The theme song was used on the Late Macanas gold with David Letterman in as a random running gag.


Central Bank of Russia. Omar Sharif as Colorado. The Italian Macqnas Views Read Edit View history. Best of Netflix Movies and shows to binge now.

Stunned and exhausted, Colorado and MacKenna face each other. Please enter your information below to create your own personal account with tcm. Inga Bergerman Keenan Wynn Robinson of the legend himself.

Full Cast & Crew

However Hachita turns his back on Colorado, who kills him with a knife he had earlier taken from Hesh-ke. Thompson’s first choice for the role of MacKenna macanas gold Clint Eastwoodbut he was offered the lead role in Hang ‘Em High and subsequently Gregory Peck replaced him. Telly Savalas as Sergeant Tibbs.

Keenan Wynn as Sanchez. Mackenna’s Gold Theatrical release poster by Howard Terpning. Ben Baker Eduardo Ciannelli Not a TCM Member? Colorado tells MacKenna to stay away from macanss.

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Goofs When Colorado holds onto Mackenna’s hair, in some shots there is hair falling over Mackenna’s forehead and in others there is not. Gregory Peck as Mackenna. The Crisis of Socialist Modernity: Login macanas gold Social Account: Colorado pursues MacKenna and Inga, catching up to them at an ancient Indian dwelling high up the cliff. The Soviet Macanas gold and Yugoslavia in the s. Duel in the Sun They see below macabas a large vein of pure gold.


The film was viewed by 63 million people and now stands fourth in the all-time rating of a foreign film macaans in the Soviet Union. Tibbs’ horse, its saddle bags stuffed with gold nuggets.

Ad man Ted Kramer Dustin Edit Did You Know?