If you want to use Flowbotics, you can add bluetooth to your computer and bluetooth to the SSC to get rid of the physical cable connection 2 My software is written for the Basic Atom which is not compatible with Flowbotics or Arduino, rewrite would be faster than trying to transcode it 3 Even if you would be able to run the softzware it is not calibrated for your robot and this means you would need to return to Flowbotics or Arduino IDE for the calibration offsets, this requires working code. The SSC Servo Sequencer Utility program enables you to easily move servo motors, calibrate their position, store and playback motion sequences, upgrade the SSC firmware and more. Could also be a knockoff of something like a Basic Micro Arc There is no separate wiring for a PS2 controller since the RCv2 PS2 system sold separately includes all necessary wiring. My guess is 4 of them are the same type of multiplexer chips used on the SSC to control the 32 output pins.

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No, I did not, it is all Basic Atom code, all motions are stored in the Basic Atom code, see the motions table at the beginning of the. sofware

Quadrapods / Hexapods

I have done everything I can and I’m still not getting my servos to move. I already invested in the SSC and was going to use VSA from Brookshire Software to manage the controller for halloween too late for Halloween now but I really want to use Vixen to control everything. Lynxmotion ssc-32 sequencer software seq-01 problem, the procedure ssc-322 as follows: In addition to the sequencer, there is the ability to add buttons and sensors and interconnect different robots electronically and allow them to communicate.


This app is an on-screen simulation of your robot, where you can use the mouse to softtware the limbs of your robot around on screen.

So it sounds like you have all on your own, built a quad ssc-3 made it move. It is giving me an error message that I can not get around yet. Heck, I’ve have lynxmotion ssc-32 sequencer software seq-01 learn more to be a novice!: You can move the feet in the software and the softtware leg will follow because lynxmogion the IK.

DuaneDegn on Jan 11, Hi we need your help we purchased a Biped Scout and we need code examples to make is walk, i see the file above who do you load this to the robot?

The Rover will then autonomously navigate around the room. Seeing is believing and this is a really neat feature. Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting.

Designer of the PropController an open source single-board hardware platform designed for lighting and prop control. This is here to allow you to create patterns of movement. Choose your skin lynxmotion ssc-32 sequencer software seq-01.

I assume PS2 connection is for a sony playstation 2 connection as you show one. What that command says, is move Servo 0 from its current location to us likewise for servo 1 and servo 2 and do this such that these three servos get to that new location in ms.

It can even do lots of Robo-One style acrobatic moves. The SSC and Bluetooth adapter are again used for wireless control.

However, if you have some Arduino board that perhaps has some advantages over the SSCu such as more memory or processing power, then lynxmogion would be worthwhile. The SSC Servo Sequencer Utility program enables you to easily move sewuencer motors, calibrate their position, store and playback motion sequences, upgrade the SSC firmware and more.


The only way to know would be to look at the datasheets of the two servos you are comparing.

Lynxmotion ssc software – Google Docs

The combo kit includes everything you need to make a functional sequenxer except batteries, charger and optional PS2 controller. To load these go to the import pattern button and select the correct file for your current robot.

I ran it on a SSCu servo controller and set up an initial stance for it via its sequence utility. The three DOF degree of freedom leg design provides the flexibility required to walk sofgware any direction!

Greg Vogel November 1, Flowstone Workshop. This is lynxmotion ssc-32 sequencer software seq-01 using IK to simplify the programming. These sequences can then be played, paused, looped, etc.

Not really sure where to go next. All higher level mathematics is offloaded to the computer.

The Servo Erector Set comes complete with everything you need, even a powerful rechargeable battery and charger, in fact over components! Whether or not you need potentiometers depends on whether the servos you are using are smart servos or not.