Remember before minecraft came out for xbox, somebody was selling an exact copy blocks, tools, crafting recipes on xbox live. Not to trivialize it or anything.. Oh and if he does not mind the vanilla game being pirated, he probably does not really care for a modpack launcher at all. If he doesn’t distribute cracked minecraft, but only the modified launcher, then this case isn’t so easy from legal point of view. Freakscar , Jan 28,

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Zmaster27Jan 24, Don’t get me wrong, I really love sharing and open source, but only when the developers themself distribute an open source program. Remember before minecraft came out for xbox, somebody was selling an exact copy blocks, tools, crafting recipes on xbox live.

Do you already have an account? Honza8DJan 25, I do not accept the terms and conditions.

Cracked modpack distribution | Feed the Beast

Maybe that’s a trivial problem, maybe nobody cares, but from what I’ve get, waiting for the modpack to be released, this was a serious worry for several modders. No, create an account now. Now I work, and I buy games from the exact same companies that I learned to love over those years. And once a guy in twitter asked Jeb: Mojang probably could do something about it, but they seem not to care that much about piracy that’s why they sold only 9 mln copies.


Not that Slowpoke and the team see things in the same light. Cracked modpack distribution Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by madaffaccaJan 24, This is the same reason tekkit is so hated, pretty much.

Shall we just ignore them since there’s nothing the staff could do about these guys? Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by madaffaccaJan 24, Notch said basically he didn’t care.

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Log in or Sign up. I see this as a totally valid and working marketing strategy.

Well, it’s not as if sales are stagnating or anything, so Noth or Ctb can see it from a rather relaxed position if a few hundret or thousand copies are stolen. I downloaded a lot of games when I was in school and had no money.

You luke416 log in or sign up to reply here. Before getting straight to the problem, let me tell you a very short story.

luke4316 ftb

Another two things to notice: Yes, my password is: From Mojang’s point of view it makes totally sense to me though. Very big deal dude, let slow know immediately. Zmaster27Jan 25, This sounds like it’d be worth it I imagine telling any admin it’d get to him regardless.


luke4316 ftb

I’m not saying that piracy is a good thing in itself, but assuming that people who play a hacked version of Minecraft grow to love it and eventually buy it to be able to play online without hassle isn’t exactly a stupid move from mojang imo. Share This Page Tweet.

Cracked modpack distribution

As far as I know, neither Mojang nor Slowpoke tfb Minecraft or FTB to be freely distributed all over the world, or cracked version wouldn’t luke4136. But i didn’t really study the license well so i may be wrong.

Yeah it’s kind of funny that this seems to be the only gaming community where the modders care more about copyright than the software developer I’m not sure if this is the correct section, I’m sorry if it’s not.

DravardenJan 28,