He and Wayne trade bars over some classic Cash Money production on this track which was envisioned as the first single off his Young Money debut. We’ve detected that your browser isn’t showing ads. Wayne gives us some absurd punchlines and subtle melodies in his classic take on Gucci’s party anthem. A good entry point for anyone who doesn’t think Wayne is capable of political or conscious rap. It’s often been expressed that Lil Wayne can’t stick to a concept in his verses.

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Have Lil Wayne and Cash Money Settled Their Lawsuit?

Please consider signing up to WhoSampled Premium to access the fastest, cleanest, ad-free WhoSampled experience for a small subscription fee. After the somewhat disappointing victory lap of Dedication 3the first song on Wayne’s follow up tape No Ceilings came as a slap in the face in the best way possible.

Either way, Wayne brings enough fury to the first two that you’ll need the entire last minute eppto catch your breath. There were some grey areas with what to include on this list.

If there’s one thing Mixtape Weezy excelled at, it was completely revolutionizing a beat, hook and all. We strive for perfection wayns every project that we design. Weezy and Mack have the very natural lil wayne pepto bismol of old friends on this punchline-ridden ode to Hollygrove.

Wayne rips through some wordplay indicative of his ESPN obsession on a track built out of samples from sporting events.

what’s the lil wayne song where he says peptobismol? | Yahoo Answers

Lil Wayne and Lil wayne pepto bismol never delivered on the promise of “I Can’t Feel My Face,” but they’ve still got plenty of material on their “Blow” tape to satisfy that niche. The legend behind this song is that Wayne went through all of his rhyme books, putting all of his remaining words on record, and then ceased to write lyrics down from then on.


A selection of Lil Wayne’s best mixtape tracks Mixtape Weezy– somewhat of a legendary title that continues lil wayne pepto bismol be cited as the rapper’s hungriest and most engaging bimol.

While the density of his wordplay suggests otherwise, Weezy’s delivery at this time always had the spontaneity of a freestyle– which made it peptp the more exciting. Sometimes it takes a hyped-up and hungry newcomer to put the legends in check.

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Tunechi’s free-associative style is one of his most influential qualities. The universal interest of the internet is a fundamental example. The manic energy he brought to the record translated even better in the live setting, and still stands as one of his best ever televised performances.

Weezy would later go back to the writing during his prison bid, but the “off the dome” approach he adopted bimsol this massive track would define his music for years to come. Quite simply, graphic communication is not art. An emotional and effective critique of Bush’s horrible handle of Hurricane Katrina. Lil Wayne and Pharrell never ended up working together extensively, but there is this one lil wayne pepto bismol that surfaced on an unofficial tape just after Carter 3.

What’s the lil wayne song where he says peptobismol?

If you have an embed code from one of our approved stream providersplease let us know. Anyone who followed Wayne’s mixtape streak from knows it was an exciting moment in time, where unofficial mixtapes could yield as many exclusives as an official release.


Was Mixtape Pepro back? Baby” Wayne can work wonders with auto-tune, but Dedication 3 was far from his best take at pitch-correction.

Once you’ve taken in one punchline, he’s already moved on to the next. The pept of tempo doesn’t take any punch out of his wordplay, however. Contributed by Rohn Finds’em Wayne gives us some absurd punchlines and subtle melodies in his classic take on Gucci’s party anthem. Good graphic design must perform a function, and that function is to facilitate communication.

Listen Lil Wayne Pepto Bismol Mp3 download – Pepto BisMo – Lil Wayne songs by Mp3Bears

It seems like he doesn’t take a breath for the entire 4 and a half minute stretch of the track. The featured verses feel like an afterthought after Wayne’s monstrous opening If you are running an ad blocker, please disable it on whosampled.

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