It’s modular design allows it to capture frames from all kinds of sources and drive various kinds of displays. Please make sure that the software is really closed, as it sometimes will be minimized to the Windows system tray. The user may set special effect according to needs and simultaneously preview the currently selected video file in the window of LED screen. If the following warning appears, please always confirm with Yes. Be used for selecting sound of video note:

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It enables us ledshowt9 software know exactly what It enables us to know exactly what tasks we need softdare do each day without having to contemplate, decide or think too much. Helping document and displaying electronic instruction for use. It’s modular design allows it to capture frames from all kinds of sources and drive various kinds of displays.

Colorlight LEDShowT9 User Manual used for Colorlight T9 and A8 LED Control Card

The window displaying countdown and count-up. The part in rectangular frame No. The smaller the value is, the faster the special effect action is. Facebook Twitter Vimeo Behance. Your cart is empty. Please read the user as needed.


During remote control, this server can not be ledshowt9 software until the user name and responding password are input.

Setting Up LEDShow T9 For EUROLITE LSD Soft Displays

Please contact YajnaParivar for special items for specific occasion. If ledshowt9 software encounter problems in use, first to this part of the search to see if ledshoqt9 is no suitable answer. The name of the page which may subject to change. Split have been merged cell. All programme windows have common options as shown in Figureincluding basic attributes, such as window name, maximization, border, starting point X, starting point Y, width, height, color, overlay, total duration, same animation, preview, switch and so on.

Support program preview and arbitrarily dragging the ledshowt9 software window. The area of programme attributes: Operational sortware to be finished.

This section answers come back the use of user feedback ledshowt9 software asked questions, with universal significance. How to change the quantity, ledshowt9 software and size of broadcasting window? Crop – Cut out a part of the video Dedistort – Apply perspective corrections to the video Rotate – Rotate the image 90,degrees, flip it or turn it upside-down Scale – Scales the image Stencil – Cuts out a part of the image using a description file. LED screen, programme page, programme window and programme as shown in Figure Arbitrarily dragging the play window to any position.


LEDVision Software & Manual Download

Recurrently playing all programme pages in turn. The contents in the corresponding display screen area will be displayed if screen shot mode is adopted. Different programmes in the same window will ledshowt9 software played in turn. Setting relevant parameters of display screen hardware.

The user softwarw play video file respectively in file window and video file window. Click the button parameter setwhich you can find to the middle on the right-hand ledshowt9 software. User name and password that the user used to log on. Examine the version information ledshowtt9 software.

External video input is supported. Sogtware, graphics card integrated graphics card, independent graphics card. Mosaic large The window specially used to play multi-line text.