To the north of the Maligawa complex facing Natha Devale is the mausoleum of Rajah, the most devout servant of the Maligawa. Retrieved from ” https: Koggala Folk Museum presents a rare collection of folk implements and appliances from different parts of the island. Fernando and his grandfather, Judge V. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Fernando and his grandfather, Judge V. Another very interesting place or museum to visit is Galle National Museum. On the invitation of the Diyawadana Nilamethe Museum has now been beautifully designed and organized by Prof. The museum displays to a great extent the prehistory of Sri Lanka. The Hantane tea factory is located three miles from Kandy. Fernando was born in a family with a long judicial tradition on 27 February Open on all days koggala nilame 1 It is in the center of Galle Fort and has a good collection of the weaponry as well as native handicrafts or arts.

The Department of Archaeology maintains archaeological museums at Koggala nilame 1. The photographic display includes some of the important sites where the sacred Tooth Relic was enshrined through the centuries and a large array of pictures depicting the immeasurable damage caused to the Dalada maligava due to the bomb blast.

Museums in Sri Lanka

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Koggala Folk Museum presents a rare collection of folk implements and appliances from different parts of the island. Other significant exhibits include ancient flags, coins, carved ivory tusks donated by Burma, commemorative carved plaques, etc.


Exhibits on Maritime trading, fishing and sea life are all displayed here. In addition, there is a magnificent 9th century gold-plated ola leaf manuscript. Following his elevation to the Supreme Court in he became a firm defender of the rights and liberties guaranteed by the fundamental rights chapter of the Constitution. It is served by a motorable road that circles the factory providing easy access.

Registered inLakpura has been in operation ever since and has been accredited by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka. Views Read Edit View history. Rajah, the Maligawa tusker koggala nilame 1 carried the relic casket in the annual Esala Perahera for 50 years from to died in Additionally its proximity to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and Loolecondra, where tea was grown commercially, make Hantane the perfect location.

He shone as an advocate and was conferred Silk in January But the majestic tusker still stands gracefully in still life inside the building with an extended koggala nilame 1 of life given by local taxidermists bringing nostalgic memories to those who have seen it carrying the casket in the perahera.

At Getangama on the outskirts of town, this privately run museum and showroom offers a wide range of stones for sale, and you can koggala nilame 1 watch the raw stones being cut and polished. Museums in Sri Lanka offer a rich insight in to the history and evolution of Sri Lanka as one of the most distinctive countries in the world.

Koggala Nilame Book 1

Situated behind the Temple of the Tooth, in a building of historical and architectural interest. Its collections nklame all of the Kandyan period in the 17thth Century. Signatories covered a wide range of the political spectrum, lawyers and law students as well as the ecclesiastical heads of the Buddhist, Catholic, Anglican and Koggxla denominations. Koggala nilame 1 museum displays Dutch legacy through artifacts such as furniture, ceramics, coins, arms etc.


Although exhibits are not abundant they do provide a koggala nilame 1 insight into how tea was manufactured in the early days. Bandaranaike who was assassinated in The Asian Human Rights Commission, issuing a statement on the resignation of Justice Mark Fernando, warned that a senior judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, retiring two and half years earlier before his stipulated date of retirement, indicates a dangerous phenomena beginning to emerge, which is a sure sign of the erosion of independent judiciary and the Rule of Law in the country.

Housed in a fine colonial-era building, the museum is famous for collection of ancient royal regalia, Sinhalese artwork carvings, sculptures et al.

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Built with the help of the Dutch government, this centre, on the banks of the lake, uses designer displays, detailed descriptive texts and a five-minute video presentation to complement its collection of archaeological finds. On the road leading to the main stairway is a modest museum containing some of the archaeological finds made at Mihintale, such as bronze figurines, shards of pottery, fragments of frescoes, and hospital tubs.

He took his oaths as an advocate of the Supreme Court in July