Retrieved December 6, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The main character,Murasame Sumika is secretly in love with her best friend,Kazama Ushio. A conflict arises between Yasuna and Tomari who fight for Hazumu’s affection while she is unable to choose between them. Hazumu’s childhood friend Tomari Kurusu , an athletic girl and tomboy , finds Hazumu’s change difficult to cope with. When thinking on how to write about true love, Akahori considered laughingly that in normal relationships between boys and girls, it eventually tends towards having sex.

kashimashi girl meets girl anime

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Their lives are undisturbed in their A visual novel video game based on the series named Kashimashi: Yasuna Kami’izumi 12 episodes, Jan Pu’s body is modeled after Hazumu’s own female body, and possesses an energetic and childish personality.

How well does it match the trope? A conflict arises between Yasuna and Tomari who fight for Hazumu’s affection while she is unable to choose between them.

The main plot in the anime is the drama that relates from the three female main characters of Hazumu Osaragi, Yasuna Kamiizumi, and Tomari Kurusu, and their romantic struggles in a love triangle. The plot for the drama CD takes place between final aired episode of the anime and the original video animation episode. Afterwards however, Yasuna, who becomes able to see all people again, decides to break up with Hazumu, saying she can stand on her own, and in the follow-up original video animation episode, Hazumu confesses her love to Tomari on Christmas and the two get married in a ceremony held by Hitoshi.

Animation works by screenwriter Jukki Hanada. Instead, he draws you in with soft, effortlessly evocative visuals and a simple, beautifully understated score, relying on subtly shifting facial expressions and meaning-laden actions to communicate the quietly affecting emotional states of his characters. The first manga volume was generally panned by Deb Aoki at About.


At the end of the event, the friendship of the three female main characters strengthens.

It’s very, very rare, and based on a physiological defect in the brain. The game was developed by Vridge, published by Marvelous Interactive[36] and released in two editions, limited and regular, on the same day. Full Cast and Crew. The original character designs were created by Sukune Inugami and the school uniform was designed by the company Cospa.

List of Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl episodes – Wikipedia

After getting lost, he wished upon a shooting star and received a bizarre twist of fate. This has enabled her to devote most of her time and energy into her students at school, [1] but she is still lonely. In order to observe humans more closely, along with Hazumu and her ongoing relationship with Yasuna and Tomari, Hitoshi starts working at Hazumu’s school as a biology teacher, and inadvertently becomes the target of Namiko’s extreme affections. With the aid of Hazumu’s friends, and even Hitoshi and Jan Pu, Tomari and Hazumu finally enter a romantic relationship.

kashimashi girl meets girl anime

The game was later re-released in a Best Collection edition on November 16,which sold at less than half the price of the original game. Hazumu’s change into a girl explores romance between people of the same sex in an interesting and comedic way. More Top Anime 1 Kaahimashi Alchemist: Yasuna regains her ability to see both men and women and Hazumu and Yasuna finally form a romantic relationship.


Now he is a she, and she stumbles headfirst back into social life and relationships only to find that the entire landscape has changed! While watching the fireworks at the end of the night, Hazumu prays that the three of them will stay together for as long as possible.

Kasimasi: Girl Meets Girl

He knew that there were a few problems that could not be avoided, but he kashijashi to remove the desire to turn back into a male. They end kashiashi forming a group of three, but it quickly turns sour as Tomari brings up that Yasuna initially rejected Hazumu’s feelings.

In order to rectify this mishap, and in accordance with his own laws, the alien resurrects Hazumu, but in the process unexpectedly changes his sex to be completely female, [1] right down to the DNA level.

kashimashi girl meets girl anime

Hazumu and her friends participate in a test of courage at their school at tirl despite Hazumu’s intense protests. Archived from the original on June 8, Tomari starts to realize her own romantic feelings for Hazumu as Yasuna starts becoming closer to Hazumu, especially after Tomari witnesses Hazumu and Yasuna kissing one day after school.

Hazumu later clears up a misunderstanding between her and Asuta and tells him gitl she sees him as only a friend, much to his dismay. Newtype USA June