Icon Skill Description Medals to upgrade at lvl 1 lvl 2 lvl 3 lvl 4. Not included are Lv, which is the sum of all Skill levels maxes at , and Skill, which is the number of skills a character possesses maxes at Pocket Clothier is a business management game, where you must attract customers to your store, by having the best products, yet still cater to individual’s needs. But its slow pace, overly-similar gameplay and repetitive strategy make it hard to recommend to anyone besides Kairosoft die-hards. Each piece of clothing has its own set of stats that can be modified using items.

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For the staff who are unlocked with the Headhunter skill, the level of the skill seems to be unimportant. A comprehensive list of potential staff members, with initial abilities. Bugs and cheats Pocket Clothier.

The kairosoft pocket clothier staff must be unlocked in 1 of 2 ways: The basic gameplay flow will be familiar to Kairosoft fans. Clkthier unlock these items, you must:.

Items (Pocket Clothier)

Chic – Clothes with high Chic will appeal to customers who prefer Chic clothing. Demand – Higher numbers mean shoppers buy more per visit.

Stats listed here are the stats as they appear in the hiring screen the very first time you encounter an kairosfot. Luxury – Clothes with high Luxury will appeal to customers who prefer Luxury clothing. Each raises 3 pts per employee with the Team Leader Skill. List Edit A comprehensive list of potential staff members, with initial abilities.


Store (Pocket Clothier)

Retrieved from ” http: There are 3 methods to get more goods: Every new game resets the staff’s Loyalty L and Salary Sal. Each good is sold only by 1 manufacturer, and if you do not have kairosoft pocket clothier to that manufacturer, you cannot gain access to their clothing — even if you fulfill all other unlock requirements.

Appeal – Higher numbers draw in more shoppers. This is a list of all clothing goods that you can carry in your store. The same basic strategy can be repeated over and over.

Rapport begins at 0 and increases as you sell more of the manufacturer’s goods. Retrieved from ” http: You begin the game with 6 clothing goods.

Clothing stats are further modified by the stats of the display they are placed on. Rarely raises when a skill is leveled up. I quickly fell into a kairosoft pocket clothier of stocking up for the summer or winter months and holding special events to draw in crowds.

Lots to discover Hard to put down Slooooooow pace Repetitive Too similar to previous Kairosoft titles. There are 64 customers that you can attract to your shop. These are used to unlock new and more exotic items of clothing.


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Since that first hit, Kairosoft has released titles that let gamers run their own restaurant, manage a soccer team, build a town and plenty more.

The skills in this table are listed in the order in which the game presents them. Skills begin at level 1 and max at level 5; medals are spent to raise skills. Pocket Clothier also suffers from being a little too similar to previous Kairosoft titles. These stats are affected by the kind of display they are placed on, fixtures they are near, other kairosoft pocket clothier they are near, the skills of your staffand items you use.

Glamour – Clothes with high Glamour will appeal to customers who kairosoft pocket clothier Glamour clothing. Players earn medals when customers use a non-paying store fixture like a changing room or mirror.

Raises with Better Loyalty Manual.