The people assemble at dawn in Tamil Nadu to light a bonfire in order to burn the discards. The dish is served on banana leaves. In the evening people pray to Lord Ganesh. It is the time for relaxing after the 3 days of festivities. During this time women offer prayers in the hope that brother-sister ties remain forever strong as they do in a crow family.

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umages The day marks the start of the Uttarayanathe day of the Indic solstice when the sun purportedly enters the 10th house of the Indian zodiac i.

The Sun is the one who kaanum pongal images time and also the one who rotates the proverbial wheel of time. The cooking is done in a clay pot that is decorated with coloured patterns called kolam.

Thai Pongal

Kanu Pidi is a tradition for women and young girls. The dish is served on banana leaves. Festivals in the Hindu calendar. For the dish, see Pongal dish. On this day celebrants bathe and decorate their cattle with garlands. Maghe Sankranti or Kaanum Sankranti. The origins of the Thai Pongal festival may date to more than years ago. So, participate in the festivities on the four days of Pongal and enjoy the traditions and customs that make this event a special one. Views Read Kaanum pongal images View history.


Lord Krishna helped his villagers by lifting Mount Govardhan to protect their lives. The fourth and the last day of Pongal is known as Kanumu. Kaanum Pongal or Thiruvalluvar Day. During Kanumu, blessings are received from elders.

Kaanum pongal images disposal of worn-out items is similar to the traditions of Holika in North India.

On this day people discard old belongings and celebrate new possessions. More about Pongal Pongal Images. It is a four-day festival which according to the Tamil calendar is usually celebrated from January 14 to January Tamil is written in a non-Latin kaanim. Pongal in Tamil means “boiling over or spill over.

Kanum Pongal Photos | Images of Kanum Pongal – Times of India

Lord Indra understood his mistake later on; he also realized the divine power of Lord Krishna. Pingal article needs additional citations for verification. Mukkanuma is famous among non-vegetarians.

Relatives and friends receive thanks for their assistance supporting the kaanum pongal images. Pongal festival is associated with the harvest festival. But Basava declared that every human being should eat daily and have an oil bath just once a month. The word kaanum in this context means “to visit.


This is believed to remove the evil influences caused by the jealousy of other people over the cattle. Retrieved 28 January January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Pongal Festival

Women kaanym the previous day’s food and pray for their brother’s prosperity and health. In the evening people pray to Lord Ganesh.

Society for Confluence of Festivals in India.

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