You may also want to get Hyakki’s launcher that adds additional options that may improve gameplay: Snes9x For old Nintendo games. Is the file too big to be attached, you need to compress it. You will be able to change your cookie settings at any time using the link in the footer. Load and start the game you want to log until you receive the error.

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I believe Mac got something equivalent. A few notes on Java 7: It should be noted that Mac users cannot get sound at this point in time because there is no codec available for Mac jpcs you want to do it the hard way and decode the files yourself, so if sound is important to you I recommend getting the Windows version assuming you own a machine with Windows installed. I don’t know whether gilatino is still actively maintaining the list though.

Nice, definitely a useful jpcsp 64 bit for newbies and should be stickied. Details on how to do this are available here: How to post a log.

To ensure you always get the latest revision, jpcsp 64 bit check http: Cookies are small text documents stored on your computer; the cookies set by this forum can only be jpcps on this website and pose no security risk. It is possible to experiment on your own as no computer is the same if you notice that the recommended settings do not work for you. A lot of games DO get full speed though, nit your computer is powerful enough.


JPCSP for Dummies

Further, it is important to note that even if your computer has the latest hardware available JPCSP can still be slow because the staff is currently working on compability jpcsp 64 bit stability rather than bti. I can’t however make links to each individual game topic it would be too much job from my side without someone helping me, at least so what do you suggest? IF you 6 looking for a PSP emulator, jpcsp 64 bit application is one of the best around.

The thread is now marked as an important thread Stick. I recommend getting the latest Java version from Java’s official homepage: Thank you for the support! Remember though, did you jpcdp your game from the internet and you clearly say so in the thread you will receive no help! VMware Player Run different operating systems on a single computer.

Jpcsp x64 bit download – X bit Download

What to do if your game would not work Last but not least, should your game not work even though it is supported please check under the Playable Games section under Commercial Games in this forumyou need to post a bih file. This does not mean that it is necessarily full speed, but it is “playable”. It won’t go back by itself, so try pressing some other buttons don’t press X or it’ll start again.


Is jpcsp 64 bit file too big to be attached, you need to compress it. JPCSP for dummies good thread, thanks. Right, so I decided I would compile a general information thread so new people who join these forums will always find the necessary information to make JPCSP work. Do not be deceived by the user-friendly interface, the application has many advanced features that are found in hardcore emulators.

The application is a portable executable written in Bif. jpcsp 64 bit

You should also decide whether you want the bit or bit version. Winrar and Winzip are common options.

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I think it needs to be clarified that if you want to run the bit version of JPCSP, you need to use the bit version of the Java Runtime Environment even if your operating system is bit. Jpcsp 64 bit is important that you also download the appropriate Java bit version for your computer, meaning you cannot run JPCSP bit with bit Java.

Leave this field empty. Also read up on the discussion surrounding the game you want to play found under the Commercial Games section. Cookies on this forum also track the specific topics you have read and when you last read them.