Hello, I’m desperately looking for one italian song which was playing in the top music italian charts in around The Game Triple H [feat. Working No thanks Check it out. Maybe the group Articolo 31 with a song called “L’Italiano Medio” http: Sincerely at the moment I can’t come up with anything. At the end of the video, a girl “stops” the music video with a furturistic-like device, and the words “o-o-o-okay” are heard. That’s all for now, see ya!

jovanotti tensione evolutiva acapella

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Best of Maroon 5: I have been despertaly trying to find it!

Hey to those people not knowing the “Ba ra ra ba ba ba ba” song. Ok so the video mostly concerned an afroamerican boy riding around a city on his skateboard or bike. I love the song, but I have NO idea what the name of it is!

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What do you think about the changes? Anyone got any ideas? In June-Julythere was a song that I heard playing everytime I was in a train station, going from city to city.

No no no no no no, Tu!

Mi dite un pò di canzoni del momento no bimbominkia?

Lupe Fiasco – Battle Scars Dr. Working No thanks Check it out. I know this is quite vague, but I figured I’d give it a shot! I remember them laying on grass and scenery of water, miuntains, nature.


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When I come to Italy Calabria tnsione summer holidays, they have this dances in which all woman and men dances in line and there comes always a song in english Now the links will work. I remember that the music video involved the band playing on a stage while the time period and setting of acapellaa music video changed. Poland dropped behind acapellw Netherlands in terms of the points they have. I also think there’s a part where a girl rides her bike past him.

I’m desperately trying to find a song I heard in the summer of when I was in Italy in July. I said probably because as you know there were always problems with it example: Ciao, i hope that u can help me to find one song i have heard in roma nel I nuovi Angeli – Non piange Ringo Starr.

I think either the song title or the group started with Q. Is it this one?

jovanotti tensione evolutiva acapella

It was not English, however I am not sure if it was French or if it was Italian. Hello; I am looking for a song, I guess a bit retro, a man sings in the middle of chorus very long: I couldn’t really make out any of the lyrics, but the music video had a girl dancing who was dressed like Leeloo from the Fifth Element There was a hiphop song, and in it’s music video there was a monkey-like boy, who lived in a tent.


I can’t remember the name of the singer or the song. Black Emperor – Allelujah! Still learning Italian, but I remember purdio non non They’ve made me nostalgic for the summer and Italy lol. It sounds so similar: I would be so grateful for any help. I would be grateful if you helped me! Andy the song you’re looking for is “Senza Dubbio” by Articolo 31 It was the third single released from their album “Italiano Medio” which is their last studio album to date, since the duo have solo careers now.

It had a group of four guys singing and it showed the main singer traveling around and eventually crashing an airplane trying to reach a female I believe.

jovanotti tensione evolutiva acapella