The standard does not attempt to define minimum acceptable levels of quality for geographic data. Quality information can be provided for different units of data, e. Number of invalid self-overlap errors. Such a measure is described by at least an identifier, a name, an element name, definition and a value type. A data dictionary, including definitions for all the components, is provided in the standard. Excess item Measure 2: Your shopping cart is empty.

iso 19157

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A data quality measure conforming to ISO Quality information can be provided for different units of data, e. Geographic data are increasingly shared and exchanged. Application of quality systems for equipment manufacture.

ISO – ISO – Geographic information — Data quality

Content is available under Public Domain unless otherwise noted. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. According to ISO 19517 Overview of the components to be used to describe data quality provides and overview of the components and their relationships to each other.

This International Standard establishes the concept of quality for geographic data components for describing data quality components and content structure of a register for data quality measures general procedures for evaluating the quality of geographic data principles for reporting data quality This International 191577 also provides guidance on how to describe, evaluate and report data quality.


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Number of excess items Measure 3: Another benefit of implementing ISO Section of a data quality report is an example of a section of a data quality report for the quality evaluation process described above. Number of invalid self-overlap errors.

Evaluation against the criteria is done either quantitatively or subjectively non-quantitatively.

Standard – Geographic information – Data quality (ISO ) SS-EN ISO

Extensions for imagery and gridded data. For larger populations, checking a representative part of the isso and reporting the quality result as a percentage rate is more appropriate and practical. Copyright Disclaimer Report error on page. Please note that the selected standard is invalid. The standard also defines a set of data quality measures for use in evaluating and reporting data quality.

For example, if the producer outsourced the acquisition of the data, ISO It is applicable to data producers providing quality information to describe and assess how well a dataset conforms to its product specification and to data users attempting to determine whether or not 19175 geographic data are of sufficient quality for their particular application.


This page was last modified on 2 Julyat It defines components for describing data quality; specifies components and content structure of a register for data quality measures; describes general procedures for evaluating the quality of geographic ido and establishes principles for reporting data quality.

iso 19157

Number of invalid self-intersect errors Measure 4: Views Read View source View history. Complete descriptions of the quality 1915 a dataset encourage and facilitate the sharing, interchange and use of appropriate datasets.

ISO 19157:2013/Amd 1:2018

Is on standards with our subscription service. The first and obvious requirement is that the quality report comprises quality metadata conforming to ISO A data quality unit comprises of a scope and data quality elements.

iso 19157

Number of missing connections due iiso overshoots Measure 3: What is a standard? Number of duplicate feature instances. The standard is now in your shopping cart.