During fixing of alignment by the side of a river, the direction of flow of the river and HFL records for past 50 years shall be kept in view. The data collected should be presented in a tabular form along with proposals forcoirecting deficiencies. Associated with severe defects: Where such conditions exist, it may be necessary to intercept the seepage flow to prevent saturation of the road bed. General principles laid down in this publication for moulding and testing soil specimens under different situations to be able to use the CBR method of design should be kept in view. Description and location by coordinate of the reference points should be noted for reproduction on the final plan drawings. Tliese will involve collection of information about the existing slides, sources of water in the area, substrata profile, arid other pertinent data which may facilitate inferences being drawn as to the cause, mechanism, and potentiality of slides.

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Attempts should be made to observe the velocity during an actual flood, but if irc sp 48-1998 flood is smaller than the maximum flood, ird observed velocity should be suitable increased.

It therefore, becomes necessary to prepare a road inventory and carryout condition survey. The centre line of the road, as determined in the design office, is translated on the ground by means of continuous transit survey and staking of the centre line as the survey proceeds. In such cases, a licence plate survey may have to be conducted. Proformae 3 aj to d given in this Chapter may be found irc sp 48-1998 for this survey. Further, at railway level crossings, the level of the top of the rails, and in the case of subways, the level of the roof 32 IRCSP: The seepage water may be due to high water-table, sub-soil water moving through sub-terranean channels where a permeable soil layer overlies an impermeable stratum, or irrigation water in adjoining fields situated at a higher level.


The Feasibility Study shall have following broad coverage: Where no such thing is possible or if the surplus material is of unwanted nature like, dismantled old 48-1989 crust, elements of dismantled structures, stumps and root system for trees, rejected bituminous mixes, etc.

On the other hand there are many heavy industries, like, steel plants, power plants, etc.

IRC SP 48 Hill Road Manual

irc sp 48-1998 If so, give reference to the relevant drawings. If an area is inaccessible for the purposes of ground reconnaissance, recourse may be had to aerial reconnaissance to clear the doubts. A scale of 1: In order to ensure that the surveys and investigations. The junction drawings should show the existing features of the intersecting roads, the proposed improvements, and traffic control devices, like, signs, pavement marking, etc. In making the selection it should be ensured that the best available homogeneous, soil is reserved for use in the subgrade i.

It may be found convenient to divide the road into homogeneous sections from traffic consideration and irc sp 48-1998 a typical estimate for one km stretch as representative of each homogeneous section.

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At multi-legged ap or rotaries, quick judgement about the exit direction or vehicles may not be possible. To the extent feasible, roads itc be aligned away from streams except where these are to be crossed, since the greatest damage aways occur along water courses.

Besides the above, genial information which may be useful in fixing design features within close limits is collected during this phase. Special Consideration in Water Logged Areas 7. Besides high water-table it may be helpful to know the fluctuations in water-table. With the data collected, it should be possible to prepare rough cost estimates within reasonably close limits for obtaining administrative approval, if not already accorded and for planning finther detailed survey and investigations.


The project estunate may make suitable provisions for such arrangement. Irc sp 48-1998 Project Lifluence Area is the zone in the near vicinity of the highway project such that investments in the project serve as a catalytic agent towards the speedy development of the area.

The traverse consists of a series of straight lines with their lengths spp intermediate angles measured very carefully. Since the transport demand can change due to shift in the pattern of economic activities, it is also s; to consider trip generation irc sp 48-1998 within a region.

These drawings should clearly show the foundation and structural details as also the materials proposed to be used. Unless, there is a wp problem, it should normally be convenient to adopt standard designs for these.

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Generally, the “Roadside Interview Method” is well-suited for roads irc sp 48-1998 rural areas and can be conveniently adopted.

Tliese will involve collection of information about the existing slides, sources of water in the area, substrata profile, arid other pertinent data which may facilitate inferences being drawn as to the cause, mechanism, and potentiality of slides. For details a para 1 0. It is also crucial for accurate execution of work in the field. Significant beneficial and detrimental impact of the irc sp 48-1998 works on the environment in terms of air pollution, damage to itc 52 IRCSP: Sharma Corresponding Members M.

A suggested proforma for presenting soil investigation data pertinent to flexible pavement design is given in Table