A walk-through of an SSL key exchange May 31, The errors listed in the original post have little to do with ASan itself. XCode has a tendency to move things around from one version to the next, so you may have to hunt around to find the “core” directory, but as of XCode 4. So, the updated makefile looks like listing 4: So, what about UIKit?

iphonesimulator6.1 sdk

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Clustering in Python June 25, Please don’t hesitate to direct further questions to address-sanitizer googlegroups.

iphonesimulator6.1 sdk

Thanks for the help! I have compile my own llvm pretty straight forward compiling because apple’s llvm not support this function.

Second attempt at a cross-compile to iOS This gets us further, but the compiler now emits a lot of errors along the lines of: Now, how about running it? A walk-through of the TCP handshake February 28, Is it possible to disable this behavior of clang?

NSBundle – On1Key – 博客园

The Network Tab September 30, Please post the bug ID back here when you get the email from the bug tracker. I can build for Sck on Windows with the same source code.


iphonesimulator6.1 sdk

A walk-through of an SSL certificate exchange June 30, Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. For instance, listing 3 will compile just fine.

Compile and test an iOS app from the command line

So, the updated makefile looks like listing 4: Are you using the latest Corona Build? If you’ve been doing iOS programming for a while, you probably know that it used to all be done in gcc and can still be done that way, if you’re so inclinedbut the default is LLVM clang on the command xdkso that’s what I’ll use here.

Compile and test an iOS app from the command line July 31, I get the executable file window. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Several functions may not work.

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An example OAuth 1. Date Management in Java October 21, The Timeline Tab December 31, Copyright Corona Labs Inc.


Reflections on a year of reading Knuth July 29, As I’m sure you’re aware, some things have changed since 4 – however I’m sure most readers of the page would be able to fill in the holes. Here is a link to my username: Now, the compile completes, but the link step fails due to: Using the Chrome web developer tools, Part 9: Looks like the adbuddiz plugin was causing the issue for me. The smallest iPhone app I can think of that arguably does something “useful” is shown in listing 1 below.

Calculate the day of week of any date I have to do that with: You must have XCode installed — the simulator isn’t distributed independently of XCode and even the cross-compile libraries which I’ll detail further below are part of the XCode bundle.