After a while I realised he wasnt using any kind of induction, he was just telling them what to do. The last time it happened to me, I said something like: Straightly approaching one guy of the collecting group. On the little road up ways the hotel I approached another guy, sitting on the bank. Then there are your weekend course warriors Strange – I couldn’t do any good approach at day, but at night it wasn’t a problem at all. Just Monday I hit again.

igor ledochowski advanced walkup street hypnosis

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Hypnosis is not an “effect”! I’m all disappointed it doesn’t happen more often! I ask because I find hypnosis interesting and I’d wish to learn, but I’ve seen many posts stating that if you want to learn real hypnosis, stage hypnosis won’t help.

Hi Ben, well done and thanks for sharing the details of your first real experience. Forgot my train of though Anthony Jacquin’s book Reality is Plastic. I also remained totally comfortable during the whole demonstration and as far as I can tell exuded quite a level of confidence, as well as a funny ledochowskki playful attitude.

If anything a stage is emotionally charged with the presupposition that you are going to be hypnotized.

First time ever street hypnosis – great success!

The guy standing there smiling like a baby. At the latest – next Friday in London, when drill sergeant Anthony will be after me.


igor ledochowski advanced walkup street hypnosis

HTML tags are not allowed. So, the reason I brought you out again was because I wanted you to experience how it feels to feel that salkup in your every day life right now.

igor ledochowski advanced walkup street hypnosis

It is an important skill to be able to do this as most often you will be performing for the audience with the subject essentially as a prop. Originally released as a limited run of a disc DVD set, this product has for a long time been unavailable.

The circumstances could not have been worse since the bus was really much crowded with people, rocking the whole way. I believe you can buy through the sites listed above. Jan 1, It was fun for everybody involved. After I released his hand I stuck to a pole with a waking suggestion routine I learnt from one James Tripps’ videos. I was eager to put the topic of hypnosis on the table. So, not a totally cold approach yet.

Please enter a valid postcode. I guess it might be a good idea to actually start a blog, if I want wakkup keep updating about my experiences.

Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis – Igor Ledochowski – $ :

There is always an induction in hypnosis no matter what some claim. Great post by the way Mindpro! I strongly disagree with Tony based also on thousands of shows but he already knows that.


We four chatted half an hour as one axvanced the girls suddenly asked what I was doing that late on the streets. Often it’s because they got a bit spooked and there’s nothing wrong with just leaving it at ledochowskj, I told you that you couldn’t get stuck.

Hi Igr, Thanks for your encouragement! However, I also think it’s pay to be aware of how they are feeling. Indeed a pat on the shoulder as well as suggestions from somebody much more profound in this matter as myself, is always a good thing!

Id love to attend one of these as it sounds totally awesome. This is not a theoretical position, but based on hundreds of shows. Indeed he was of totally positive mood afterwards.

After a while I realised he wasnt using any kind of induction, he was just telling them what to hypnosia. Maybe the sweat on his hand might explain this effect also.