The student should also note the incb’nation of the mounts to one another and the straight- ness of the lines in order to judge their strength and weakness. The nature of pecmle with clear-cut, straight, and deep lines is not vacillating. Square tips also predict pro- ficiency in sport. Hill says that a love of animals is die result of this inclination. This may sound novel and startling, but it is a fact tliat in Ancient India the guru was at once priest, teacher, and palmist or astrologer.

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We must therefore have recourse. There is a grace in his movements and his body is well-proportioned. Fingers with hair on the back, unevenly made fingers, crooked samdurika, very short fingers, very thin fingers, fingers spread wide apart are indicative of poverty. When he smiles, his round cheeks often show dimples. The Hindu school again, mentions the sign of the Conch.

If the third toe of a woman is short, she is inclined to be quarrelsome; when this hasta samudrika shastra book does not touch the ground while walking, she loses or kills two husbands and goes in for a third. Lines found on the mounts.

Samudrika shastra pdf download – Google Docs

The marriage of children hasta samudrika shastra book seems to be tlie concern of the parent more than of the child. A palmist, trained on Eastern lines, would have spotted immediately the shaetra formed mark haxta Fish on her hand. Our sub- conscious mindT is said to have something to do with changes that occur in the lines and signs of the hands in accordance with a change of occupation or character.


If a line of Hasta samudrika shastra book has a cross attached to it, it indicates a drowning tragedy. On the other hand, if low-set, it means that he will continuously be, struggling against monetary difficulties.

Writers on palmistry stress the hwsta that hand-reading en- ables them to forecast wHl in advance the state of health of a person, as well as the state of mind that might be responsible for it.

The only mounts which exercise bad influence on character and incline one to criminality and vice are those of Saturn and Mercury. Every attempt to rescue them from oblivion hasta samudrika shastra book irre- trievable loss has failed; their guardians cannot be persuaded with money or book other human means to part with their treasures.

Fragments of it pop up in other cultures as well. Some writers on palmistry call it a sign of drowning and death by suicide. It is a mystery, how these lines change.

Our website is secured by bit SSL encryption issued by Verisign Inc, making your shopping at Sapnaonline as secure as possible. But there are invaluable rules and methods, peculiar to and characteristic of Indian palmistry, that have been altogether bypassed and ignored by them, for example, the unusual hasta samudrika shastra book and signs, such as those of the fish, tiidcnt, canopy, conch, flag, balance, and various shaatra of tri- angles and squares.

A finger divided into three phalanges is read thus; the first nailed denotes idealistic or mental tendencies; the middle one, the reasoning and business capacity; and the third, material or animal characteristics.

Samudrika Shastra

This line denotes knowledge and charity. When Saturn is utterly absent, it is a bad sign. To this science they gave the name Samudrika Shaslra. Spatulate tip with knots. These have been found on the hands of men of oi.


Full text of “Hast Samudrika Shastra”

Possessors of such hands are dynamic, self-confident and lovers of outdoor life. The line of Heart enclosed by a square denotes heavy troubles in connection with a person dearly loved. Other lines tend to confuse the main issues, to show obstacles in the way of success, to obstruct the line hasta samudrika shastra book thought necessary hasta samudrika shastra book complete the objects to be attained, and are sims of troubles and delay causea by circumstances or by lack of health.

If the finger is as long as the second, optimism will characterize the subject, impelling him to diverse kinds of speculation. Sun lines dimly marked simply because they set no store by their fortune, so that the lines indicating riches and success appear dim and indistinct. The fatalists, on the other hand, pin their faith to predestination, and insist that what is pre-destined by God will surely come to pass.

Breaks in the Jines are frequently seen and always denote a defective condition and its failure. A heavily lined palm is by no means indicative of pover- ty, as some palmists are inclined to think. His complexion is white and he is exposed to weakness of the heart, kidney trouble, and often dropsy.