The current king is Packratia. With enough effort and wood, you can build a grand ship and sail around the world! They sailed for what seemed like forever, until they finally found land It won’t be long before the evil spreads to take your land for its own. There are five different kingdoms on Graal Kingdoms.

graalonline playerworlds

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The alien bomies are also building up their civilization. All the Graalians could do was prepare for the worst.

GraalOnline Worlds (Unreleased)

Guide for new players Spells Guide Technology The graphics in Graal Kingdoms are a fine blend of 2-D artwork and 3-D artwork, meshed together to form a unique experience unlike any other.

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Find More Posts by Mars Players can choose from a selection of classes such as Warrior, Sorcerer, Thieves, Barbarians, and even Priests! Underwater volcanoes became active from the intense earthquake, causing islands to emerge from the sea.

They sailed for what seemed like forever, until they finally playerwirlds land They built towns and ports, houses and shops. Pkayerworlds Kingdom has a style of it’s own, which allows the player to choose what style best suits them. Graphics are highly detailed, colourful, and creative. Send a private message to Pariah Kurza.


However, something had went wrong. Posted by Mars96 So we graalonllne able to create our worlds in the future? A large assortment of items can be mixed together to create other items by using alchemy.

GraalOnline World Android Beta – Graalians

You can also try your luck as tradesman. Causing a Sylvester, that heated the Graalian world with bright red intensity. The large assortment of items can be organized from the easy to use drag and drop inventory system. Zetectic Gralonline Join Date: It appeared that hope was once again restored in the people of the new lands So we will able to create our worlds in the future?

graalonline playerworlds

I am wondering why classic or era not on this app. Players can group with others to form parties in order to take on large quests graalonlinee battle monsters in dungeons, mazes and haunted houses. Eugeen Banned Join Date: Some iPhone server Posts: Find More Posts by Twinny.


Create your own garden around your house where you will be able to plant flowers, trees and other nice things to give everything a nice look. Different items allow for different statistical effects to your base stats, enabling every player to strengthen their character with bigger and better items and weapons. It probably will be unixmad approved user worlds only.

Graal Kingdoms is an adventurous massively multi player online roleplaying experience. The current king is DraxxTeazok. Travel around the world to collect and buy items from all islands to sell or trade them away to people from other islands.

graalonline playerworlds

Explore 3-D terrain in a 2-D environment, while battling monsters, forging friendships, and collecting treasures. When the alien bomies looked around the land, they became enraged. They discovered that their own Bomy race, were being treated like Graalian pets.