The music from Starship Titanic changes from majestic to tinny as you travel though the different class, suggesting the lower classes don’t need good music. I think I had this on piano version on a Quad sq record. This version makes an appearance in a scene in which Candace is riding in an elevator with a giant gumball machine globe she was running from. One of these tunes was reused for the lobby music Gammie’s theme in Leisure Suit Larry 6: She also does non-bossa, non-samba albums. It was rhythmical, melodic, and with Astrud singing, even sexy and to a bunch of young guys in the Beach Blanket era that meant a lot She had never sung professionally before.

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Or when you exit the elevator and find yourself facing a room full of zombie mutants that want to eat your brains. In the pilot episode of Cow and Chickenthe Devil before he was Bowdlerized to “The Red Guy” takes an elevator from Hell to the surface world, with muzak.

Miranda slams the elevator’s console with an omni-tool, and the elevator speeds up and the music stops.


Got a physical object that you can’t name? The Far Side also runs away with this trope, stuffing a string quartet inside the elevator. As the person who posted this video on YouTube put it: Im thinking its a local track or something like that. Take a deep breath and girl from ipanema muzak this television performance of “The Girl from Ipanema” by Brazilian bossa nova singer Astrud Gilberto and American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz.


The Elevator from Ipanema – TV Tropes

S radio playing version. This is the place to get help. Stop before you’re done. There’s even one on youtube claiming to be the version from that scene but it has the guitar and it’s not the right one.

Strangely, these were absent from the game’s spiritual successor Perfect Dark. Obsidian has the cubicle maze area in the Bureau, with a swingy, exaggerated piece of muzak that constantly plays while you’re there, fitting well with the Vidbot employees that parody things from eye doctors to personnel managers.

I was not suggesting that Elaine Elais is the version you are looking for. Not much of one, mind you. Please do include the full girl from ipanema muzak of what you are linking to. There’s usually lots of Lampshade Hanging from the characters involved.

So far all dead ends.

[TOMT] Version of The Girl From Ipanema used in The Blues Brothers : tipofmytongue

KevinCorrJun 14, Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for girl from ipanema muzak in a daily email.


Pessimalthe nearest thing to a skyscraper is the unstable Tump Tower. You can hear the keys and kind of heavy tone in sound. Because Universal released Mallrats on DVD he was able to get the track from the Universal library vault and put it in his movie. Shape Up or Slip Out! If the elevators play it, it’s because it’s good enough to warrant a lot of play time.

Log in or Sign up. Hum “The Girl from Ipanema”, if you like. On ScrubsDr.

Open Season has Ipanema-esque bossa nova music in the Parker Center elevators. Know what it is ipaenma want to find where you can get one?

The Blues Brothers debuted in June, The Lifea Halo fanfiction, has several scenes when the characters have to take an elevator. Posts that do not conform to this, and describe it e. The song itself sounds a lot like a big-band version of “Ipanema”.

RayWJun 13, Usually an integral part ipznema an Uncomfortable Elevator Moment.