Existence Out Of Joint. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The album has its flaws and weaker points — namely, some of the overlong and pointless free-improvisation and noise sections; the tormented English accent of Haake; and the occasional lack of direction and cohesion. Please try again later. As for the lyrics, they are very indistinguishable, and heavily thought-out. The length of each section ranges from around 20 seconds to 2—3 minutes. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

fredrik thordendals special defects

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It’s not regular in any form of metal, which gives the oddness of this music another strange dimension.

The album doesn’t sound like it’s a Meshuggah release, but there is the sense here that Thordendal hasn’t let go completely of the sound from which he built his legend on. Honestly, I’ll go thorendals far to say as they just don’t make sense. Well, Tomas Haake Meshuggah drummer does most of the vocals here By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

fredrik thordendals special defects

I can’t help it but give “Sol Niger Within” a perfect 5 star rating! Damn this is some weird shit! With ‘Sol Niger Within,’ Fredrik Thordendal appears to be at his experimental peak, traversing well into the realm of the avant-garde with some heavily jazz influenced chaos, dissonant soundscapes and a loosely assembled but flowing body of work. I have no idea what the guy was thinking, but it isn’t even music to me. Through Fear We Are Unconscious. The disc comprises one long song, which is indexed into 29 tracks.

I’ve never been a fan of them, like in Tool’s Lateralus, I think they should be scrapped completely. Extremely recommended for everyone who want to try something different.


Very laid back, almost Avant garde like, never ever getting tight, always loose and fun.

Is MESHUGGAH’s Fredrik Thordendal Teasing Another SPECIAL DEFECTS Album?

This with a couple Zappa albums, Lateralus by Tool, are all I spevial to live forever and have hope that all of humanity isn’t just a virus hell obent on turning our minds to mush with the garbage big media thorvendals to force down our throats.

The two extra tracks are “Missing Time” which clocks in at Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. This album sounds much like Meshuggah from the ‘Destroy Erase Improve’ era, but there is so much more to it then that.

Some tracks like “Sensorium Dei” are just sublime in how it utilizes strange mathematical timings with tripped out guitar solos and deftly balances silence with extreme noise.

Is MESHUGGAH’s Fredrik Thordendal Teasing Another SPECIAL DEFECTS Album?

Well, hard to say. To those who aren’t familiar, Fredrik Thordendal is the lead guitarist of extreme metal band Meshuggah, an act that has reached near legendary proportions for their highly complex polyrhythms, philosophical themes and experimentation with meter.

fredrik thordendals special defects

The album is a combination of complex jazz fusion elements influenced directly by thorxendals Allan Holdsworth ‘s unique guitar style and overall musical approach. Is it because of that it is so heavy and complex? From what I heard, and from the reviews posted here, I knew it was going to be bizarre. The extra tracks are nice but i like the omitted ones more.

Sol Niger Within – Wikipedia

What surprised me the most is that Tomas Haake was not the drummer. Really, it’s like buying coffee at First, the drummer of Meshuggah and Fredrik’s bandmate Defedts Haake does the vocal work here; a raspy snarl that instantly brings to mind, the minor character of Salacious Crumb from ‘Star Wars VI: Thlrdendals I can’t say that a great deal thordrndals the new experiments that Thordendal dabbles with here turn out all that well, Meshuggah and avant garde fans will undoubtedly find something interesting to dive into here, although the work here is not nearly as convincing as the music Meshuggah is known for.


Released under the project name Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects, this slab of music takes the Meshuggah sound and mutates it into a sonic equivalent of a genetic laboratory project gone horribly wrong.

Stumptown I know that “rarity” doesn’t always correlate with taste How to describe this album? The album has its flaws and weaker points — namely, some of the overlong and pointless free-improvisation and noise sections; the tormented English accent of Haake; and fredril occasional lack of direction and cohesion. The music, written by Thordendal, ranges from Meshugganian polyrhythmic crunch to faux-jazzy fretboard excursions reminiscent of Allan Holdsworth, occasionally stumbling on cacophonic church organ improvisations, ambient specual and saxophone interludes.

The guitar solo’s are typical Thordendal solo’s, very well played and atmospheric, sometimes even backed up with Fusion-like music “Zeta 1 – Reticuli”. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat I once listened the disc through around 5 AM, before going to sleep.