So people can stay up to date, I’ve added a simple update check which connects to my WP blog. Jan 21, 8, 77, 1, First thing a user will notice is the simple but customizable user interface. Nice i’ve been looking for Extreme Injector , thanks! Extreme Injector is a software application you can use to inject DLLs into your currently running processes, in order to run code with the address space of another process. If you’re looking for the best dll inector then this is the download for you, it is the best it has many awesome features including many that will assist in the hiding of your module in memory from prying eyes. I am not responsible for the hacks you download.

extreme injector 3.6.1

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Extreme Injector v3.6

Features of Extreme Injector First thing a user will notice is the simple but customizable user interface. What’s new New posts New Downloads.

None – As the name injecfor, this means that DLL scrambling is disabled completely. So people can stay up to date, I’ve added a simple update check which connects to my WP blog.

Download Extreme Injector v by Master – Counter Strike World

Extreme Injector download was first released in and it has been updated ever since. The latest version of Extreme Injector v3 includes the scramble options that can be enabled or disabled based on user preferences. After installing the application on your PC you need to run it.


The fact that it can be either x86 or x64 makes the automatic download best for most users. It performed the DLL injection quickly while remaining light on system resources usage.

Extreme Injector 3.7

Our friend timb3r from GamePhreakers. We want to help, please make a good post and we will do our best to help you. To add DLL there is either the button or injsctor drag and drop into the window. The simple but good looking user interface is what makes Extreme Inkector a really comfortable Windows application to use.

Adjust the settings but advanced settings only in case you know what you are doing.

If you do not comply, your post may be deleted. The following options are available: These are, in fact, false positives and the tool can be safely used without worrying about security breaches. Please explain the Scramble Options! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Standard – This applies even more scrambling options that should work with most DLLs. How to inject code on the code caves that are present generally at the bottom of the addresses and also tell me how to create them????

Inkector, due to slow internet connection problem I was unable to view the videos as they were taking too much time to buffer.

extreme injector 3.6.1

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So secure knjector even Windows won’t even know about the injected DLL. Next we want to give a quick overview of the functions this DLL injector includes.


Download Extreme Injector

Extreme Injector free download enables to do a lot more actually. Start in Secure Mode Starting this feature can have false positive with some anti-virus software. You can add any DLL and adjust the related settings really easily. It can even hide the DLL injection from Windows itself. Injection Methods Extreme Injector comes with different injection methods: Aug 5, 57 3.

extreme injector 3.6.1

It does not offer any direct links or download anything by itself, it only tells you to go to wherever you downloaded the injector or to visit my blog for more information. Newer Post Older Post Home. Thread Hijacking is a reliable method that injetor an existing code to inject DLL.

Extreme Injector comes with different injection methods: I have also tried using the Dissect Structures option in Cheat Engine but was confused about the correct address as there were many. This task shouldn’t take long, after which the tool shows exgreme notification message to let you know it’s over.