See what our clients are saying. Right after the output field, type an exclamation point! Jonathan, with Studio Creator, have you run into the situation where you need to debug a program, but because the source code is not loaded into the tool, you can’t step thru the code? It embraces the strengths of diverse global software development and engineering talent to design and implement strategic, cost-effective services for the new epoch of connected technology. I do not thing anybody else, including original “Hibernate Tools” will be able to reach such functionality in the nearest future.

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Thanks all for your comments! Top Categories Technology If me testing the program as a live fire exercise creates a better end product for the Java community, I’m all for it.

It wants to help “kickstarting” app-development. At this point, we will create the placeholders for the two Exadel jsf studio presentation files and then the navigation rule to connect them as views.

I tried the various import options to load the source without any luck and that’s why i’m taking a look at other tools, particularly a tool with a good debugging capability! The Target Server corresponds to the Runtime value selected above.


A transition should appear between the two icons. BeanPropertiesand Advancedwill be displayed about it.

Has anyone used Exadel or Studio Creator? (JSF forum at Coderanch)

Leave everything else as is. Want to work with a specific office? That’s why I said “have some support” and it is true that both tools have some support. Over the years we have turned our technical knowledge into developer tools. Adding Navigation to the Application.

Having used both tools, I must say there is not “a better of the two”. If you don’t have any choices displayed for this, select New Then, you may select the Struts Environment and Servlet Version. Select the Managed Beans sttudio and then click the Add Which the above tools support for Portlet development?

It depends on your personal style.

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Creating and starting the server. In the Project Location screen of the wizard, select the Change In the first screen of the wizard, select the Change However, the real hiberate mapping is not easy stuff sometimes and it is possible to create the dead configuration with the wizards that operate correctly jsv themself.


Creating a JSF Application. Type Hello note space after hello into the box. After dealing with these settings, you have to work through a few more configuration settings.

Exadel Studio as Eclipse plugin:

And exsdel tiny ad too! Hello, Has anyone used Studio Creator or Exadel and which one do you think is production ready? If the project structure is non-standard, some values exadel jsf studio be left blank. PDF with Java https: Our developers have been involved in every stage of the continuing evolution of Java, using the framework as a foundation for enterprise software development.

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exade It is not possible to finish project import without selecting Runtime. To maximize your browsing experience, we use cookie technology to help make the experience better. As i get more familiar with how how all the pieces fit together, i think i’ll be able to graduate to an Exadel type tool and do it manually!