Electromagnetic software packages significantly facilitate the designer’s task by reducing the need to build physical prototypes, hence reduce the time to market. The overall experience has been saytisfying, this software has proven to be very useful to run different types of studies in our field. Need more technical webinars to define modules. The final output product is very good. Also, the simulation is well done and the report well compiled. The Customer service is also excellent and very helpful. It is not cheap, so you need to have billable projects to cover the costs.


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Vendor Response By Electromagneticworks on September 24, These systems primarily include relay coordination, and protection schemes, arc flash, and motor starting. Feel free to send us the devices you need and we will let electromagneticwokrs know when they are available. Lots of good options, can be difficult to understand these options.


Unfortunately, most of the commercial electromagnetic software packages that may be utilized for this end are difficult to use. Analysis module need to be obtained as needed. There are a variety of different purchase and leasing options available. We try to use ETAP whenever possible.


ElectroMagneticWorks EMS

Lack of more brasilian manufactory equipment like library of cables, relays and circuit-breakers. Do you work on linear or circular particle acceleration?

Overall experience has been good. Thank you for your great review and feedback. The software has a very good electromagneticworkss ability. I also do not like that there is no save as ability.


Please contact our support in one of our three local office for assistance. We offer a electromagneticorks demo version of ETAP, and have several options on how to purchase or lease our software.

Please contact you local office to discuss alternative purchase options. This has caused a response time of hours to get extended to days and the professionalism of the staff in India is not to the US standards. We hope that your next interaction with ETAP support will be positive and swift. Conduction Will your system require protection against over voltage conditions? It brings the accuracy and power of the finite element method and state-of-the-art meshing technology to the highly efficient and advanced geometry electromagneicworks of the most popular CAD packages.

How power large motors on weaker power systems. Accuracy in provided data, wide product library. Contact your local ETAP representative about alternative or temporary use of module you may only need occasionally.


Please consider taking one of our hands-on workshops https: Unfortunately you can only open older projects in newer versions.

ElectroMagneticWorks analysis tools | SolidXperts

The experience thus far has been that we buy some modules and start performing a study. Every prompt screen has a detailed help page dedicated to it, which is great. Is the success of your MEMS design hinging on the proper electrostatic actuation? For additional equipment libraries, please send a list to our support team. Better and more accurate grounding calculation. Cover all related topics for electrical issues. Do you need to minimize skin effects in solid coils?

Benefits Save money and time by minimizing physical prototyping Compare alternative designs easily and quickly Simulate real-world operating conditions Interpret analysis results with powerful and intuitive vizualization tools Collaborate and share analysis results. Written help features need greatly improved.


Please contact our local ETAP representative in Canada to assist with pricing and any training you may need.