January 13, DVDFab A failure problem when converting DVD sources to Blu-ray in certain cases. As our marketing strategy adjusts, the two brands, DVDFab and BluFab, will coexist simultaneously, starting from this minor update 9. A problem that the desktop shortcut icon is created by default when updating via the Live Update feature. Download DVDFab 8 from http: Added back the skin of Light of Hope.

dvdfab blu-ray 3d ripper

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Added the support to eject the original disc upon the conversion completion in Ripper. An echo problem when playing back the copied Blu-rays with Cinavia RemovalHD enabled in certain cases. A decryption problem in certain cases.

onlydll: DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper Final + Patch

A problem that the titles of certain recorded Blu-rays are not displayed properly after being loaded into the main interface. Added new feature named “Meta Collection” 8.0.73. Blu-ray Ripper. Added support to duplicate a task with right-click on the title in Ripper. February 06, DVDFab February 28, DVDFab A crash problem when opening mkv files in certain cases.


March 12, DVDFab 9. Introduced the Multi-Authorization feature for Single-User licenses.

Download DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper Free

A problem that the Volume Level option cannot work. November 07, DVDFab A problem that the video files with runtime less than 1s can be loaded to the Video Converter module but fail to convert. A problem that File Transfer does not launch up after the conversion finishes when outputting to mobile devices. A problem that output file size is too small when compressing Blu-ray sources to BD25 in certain cases. June 10, DVDFab 9.

A problem that certain Xvid encoded videos cannot be opened in the Converter and Creator modules. January 22, DVDFab 9.

DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper 2012 Registered Download 100% Working

July 30, DVDFab Added the support to remux SRT subtitles when choosing the conversion profiles for Apple devices in the Ripper modules. A problem that the Subtitle is reverted back to English from None after changing the output destination path in the Video Converter module.

February 20, DVDFab A problem that common settings page has duplicated entries in drives list, which was introduced in beta.


Added the support to remove the Cinavia watermark found on Red Sky.

dvdfab blu-ray 3d ripper

Improved the support for the Preview feature. Added the support to customize the video thumbnail of the menu template in the Blu-ray Creator module.

March 10, DVDFab 9. Chapter dvdfxb Canada edition and Saban’s Power Rangers.

May 15, DVDFab 9. April 13, DVDFab July 26, DVDFab A problem that the Start button was disabled when reloading the crashed tasks in the Creator module. An oversize problem when removing Cinavia watermark in certain cases.

A screen dazzling problem when playing back the converted mp4files with VLC in certain cases. Updated decryption keys New:

dvdfab blu-ray 3d ripper