Well, I can’t stick around for long. I’m just not into fighting like I was when I was little. A few moments later, a man came into sight, flying over the hills that surrounded the area Trunks was in. About Me majinboo www. The hand removed itself as Goku opened his eyes to see not his wife, but Princess Bic. I know that can’t be Goten’s power level.

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He must be pitifully weak if that’s his true power! Trunks flew through a cloud, muttering insults to Goten and his father under his breath. He just finished battling a Siep-jin. He kissed her as she pushed him to the ground. A man with white hair and two black stripes became visible. Retrieved from ” http: We’ll train next time, alright?

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Princess Bic turned around grabbing a small, beautiful, metallic flower vase while Goku spoke. Princess Bic quickly turned to Lead, “Have you gone mad? He needs to release all his true potential and power to become the perfact warrior.


Seated next to her was a beautiful young girl. Looks like he got pretty messed up. The year-old glanced sxga his wristwatch. Are his true instincts to kill? If you were to create a being half God and half Saiy-jin, by all God’s he’d be the most powerful being in all history!

I’m too devoted to her.

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Goten flew through the sky, an excited smile lighting his face. He arched his back and gripped the grass. Fires the Kamehameha at Vegeta Jr. When they got to her palace he showered and ate.

Dragon Ball AF

Would it not be just too good to be true to create the perfect warrior? Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Well, I can’t stick around for long. Goku sat up in bed to see no one around him. Help me create the perfect warrior. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. So, what did you guys think? It’s the 4-hour version, because I think Mrqball’s version got taken down, but King X KoK’s compilation is still up, thank goodness! Xicor let out peal of laughter.


As the dust settled, lightning appeared, crackling around the space pod. However, a piece of fan art began circulating around the Internet inbearing a logo reading ” Dragon Ball AF “, and promoting the supposedly new Super Saiyan 5 form.

I own nothing written here, not even a letter! After many long years of confindment, this boy, now a man, must find himself. The mysterious dragon ball af xicor saga floated several meters off the dirt.

Although well-intended and well-done, this hoax caused quite a bit of confusion, helping to increase at least temporarily the already-rampant amount of fan speculation.