Our years of experience working with CAD allows us to understand its limitations and design solutions to significantly improve your productivity. First we added backward compatibility with older versions of Excel back to and the abilility to create older drawing files format. These improvements come at great expense and only provide a marginal gain in the amount of time it takes to actually complete a drawing. If the picked end is curved, the proper tangent is used as if you were still in the polyline command with the arc mode on. Quickly updates blocks from drawings in search paths, or use block to filename relationship. Autodesk has recently announced that VBA will be discontinued in a future version ?

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Users of older versions of our products dotskft require the newest version, contact us. Adds or replaces a detailed override to dimension text. Moves a selection set of objects by specified amount in ten directions as well as rotation clockwise or counterclockwise.

Can be used to breakup massive dotsoft toolpac into smaller more managable tiles or to rasterize drawings for outside distribution. In we sold our first software product. Makes short work of inserting a title block on dozens of layouts.


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Reverse lookup, evaluating all drawings in a folder and optional subfolders to see if they reference one or more selected drawings. Individual attributes simply by picking. Quickly substitute attribute dotsoft toolpac with picked text. Provides options to scale, rotate, and convert formats on multiple image files.

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Extracts symbol tables layer, blocks, etc from multiple drawings with dotsofy options. Professional version includes additional tools to assist in data transfer to and from Excel.

To Polylines or Multilines. Does not require any Adobe products. Dotsift place text back into attribute slots. Changes file object is linked to. Populate existing insert attributes with lookup values from Excel spreadsheet or Dotsoft toolpac databases. Automatically moves multiple logical sheets in named views old single paperspace to separate layout sheets.

The install program can add all this functionality in a single menu that is automatically inserted into your current profile. Through the use of the export, import, and merge tools, dotsoft toolpac users can share definitions. Dotsoct can create or update these slides by the thousands in minutes using the included slide creation tool.

Option to automatically join affected geometry.

Productivity Tools for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD – ToolPac Software

Manages dotsoft toolpac of plot files and spools files to designated ports. This expensive hardware is often underutilized as the operator wastes time doing repetitive tasks in the struggle to finalize a drawing. Results update automatically as the document changes.


Converts a raster image to polylines, arcs and circles. Rotate objects designated number of degrees as picked or dotsoft toolpac their bounding box center. For example, converting from most formats to PNG can save file space with no loss of image quality.

Sets the width of selection set of mtext to minimum size, improves masking appearance. Encrypts and decrypts a selection set of annotation with a user specified key. If you do only one upgrade to your system this year, it should be the implementation of productivity software.

To Polylines or 3dFaces. A lookup table copied from a spreadsheet can be used to supply unique values for each drawing! Change the elevations of a selection of polylines in a table with sorting and factoring commands. Dialog edit all properties of an attribute.

Import XYZ dotsoft toolpac to form points and polylines. Fills selected Mtext with contents of the clipboard.