Set the context in which the snapshot will be used. By default, Windows signed executables are hidden from view with a few notable exceptions as demonstrated in this screenshot: This lists all installed writers. For more information about cookies, please see our Privacy Policy, but you can opt-out if you wish. You can reset or exit now if you wish. Thank you for taking the time to read about DiskShadow!


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As a local or equivalent administrator, the minimum required to run the diskshadow command. This also works under Interactive Mode.

DiskShadow: The Return of VSS Evasion, Persistence, and Active Directory Database Extraction

In this scenario, DiskShadow has the advantage. Time limit is exhausted.


This is a series of sample commands that will create a hidden copy for backup. In this post, we will discuss DiskShadow, present relevant features and capabilities for offensive opportunities, and highlight IOCs for defensive considerations. After transferring these files from the target machine, we use SecretsDump.

End restore End the recovery session and release the PostRestore event for the relevant writers. In some cases, this technique may not be considered very stealthy if the window is opened for a lengthy period of time which is good for defenders if this activity is noted and reported by users.


Syntax With interactive mode, type the following command at the command prompt to start the diskshadow command interpreter: PowerCli Scripts in native Powershell Git: Import the diskshadow Load metadata C: You can run the following commands in the diskshadow command interpreter or through the script file:.

Diskshadkw.exe me of new posts via email. Finding a driver which leaks memory Donate Consider to make a small donation if the information on this site are useful: This lists all installed writers. DataCore ] In this script, we create a persistent shadow copy so that we can perform copy operations to capture the sensitive target file.

Windows Backup tasks with hls Tech Blog

Additionally, DiskShadow will continue to run until its child processes are finished executing. Fight the good fight, and train your users. Like the Run Key method, we can see that our entry is hidden in the default AutoRuns view: You can not expose such snaps. Additionally, DiskShadow is flexible with command switch support as previously described.

Diskehadow.exe you for taking the time to read about DiskShadow! Diskshadow command in Windows Home Technology Basic knowledge.


Active Directory Database Extraction If script mode is the only option for DiskShadow usage, extracting the AD database may dikshadow.exe additional operations if assumed defaults are not valid e.

A shadow copy allows you to take manual or automatic backup copies or snapshots of data at a specific point in time over regular intervals. As a feature, the interactive command interpreter and script mode support the EXEC command.


Windows Server and alter version are shipped with a tool called diskshadow.

Diskshadow command in Windows

Shadow copies on an NTFS volume will be deleted if the NTFS volume is subsequently mounted on an older operating system, either by dual booting or by moving the hard drive. It can be saved as a file in the form of script.

This makes DiskShadow a very interesting candidate for command execution and evasive persistence. Under the context of a normal user in our test case, we can use several DiskShadow features without privilege UAC implications.

Windows: Backup with diskshadow.exe

In the following walk-through, we will assume successful compromise of an Active Directory Domain Controller Win2k12 and are running DiskShadow under a privileged context in Script Mode. In my previous testing, Vshadow had privilege constraints e. Script Mode In the following diskshxdow.exe, a normal user invokes calc.

DiskShadow is not supported on Windows Server or Vista.