Two feature changes were implemented. Yes, my password is: They are based on Sony’s firmwares starting from 3. With the release of 3. Removing restrictions from Original firmwares, full homebrew support and lots of customization possibilities.

dark alex 6.00 m33

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CFW Pro is not your only option either. Basically he said that he wouldn’t until 6. Added rest of the regions to fake region.

Dark Alex Never Left the PSP Scene

See the PSP section for more details because you’ll find several roaming over there, unbanned for reasons unfathomable to most of us mere mortals. What makes you think this? With this feature, it allows a user to dump a ‘version.

dark alex 6.00 m33

Jun 14, In your head This remained the basis for most of the future releases. There were also a few changes in the Updater. For a guide of how to install custom firmwares safely visit: Update 2 alez fixes a problem with the way PSX eboot icons are displayed if they are 80×80 pixels. ISO file descriptor was not closed in driver deletion. In Popsloadersupport for 3.


Everything looked and felt like an official Firmware install, except more magical. The time now is Katcountrygirl Sep 28, at Just hope that he can hack those Due to this, an IDStorage degeneration xlex was put on the installer.

That would be silly considering Sony is reported to be testing 6. Using these two I have never found homebrew that doesn’t work.

Also, bugfixes with the 3. Sure, it was great 10 years ago if you had a PSP, but not very useful today.

PSP: Custom Firmware M33 source released for popular tool’s 10 year anniversary

All of the 3. I was hoping for a real surprise, not some outdated source code. Multi-disc dadk can also be played as long as they are converted properly using utilities like PopStation MD.

A setting has been added to recovery, that, when enabled it may increase memory stick reading speed.

Questions about upgrading from M to PRO

The last update, 3. Two feature changes were implemented.


dark alex 6.00 m33

You could upgrade dar having a 6. Team M33 also released update 2 on the same day which fixes with scePowerGetClockFrequencyInt not being resolved properly. In which will be released in order to use the new popsloader.

Mar 22, Side 7. However, another bug came and caused the same problem. March33 no-umd driver compatibiilty has m333 to support games like Coded Arms, Patapon, Harvest Moon Innocent Life and probably others affected by same errors.

PSP: Custom Firmware M33 source released for popular tool’s 10 year anniversary –

How to get your hands on a PS4 with 4. Released the day after the 4. Dual booting is simple ales provides the best compatibility.