Toraverb 2 is unique for all the right reasons. I’m not seeing a link in my promo email or the product’s web page itself. Also, your post makes me want to take a second pass trial on Ubermod. Yes, the GUI is larger. By changing the modulation, the sound of the reverb tail can be altered to give a more realistic effect of sound propagation.

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Thus, allowing the user to create sidechain compression. Quite agree on this point. By doing this and using properly tuned parameters, Toraverb 2 eliminates unwanted flutter echo effects for every sound source. I found this really helped with mixing my drums, especially when applying reverb to my kicks.

For convenient blending Early and Late reflections together. The sound quality and modulation capabilities are beyond impressive. Overview The d16 toraverb algorithm implemented in the unit allows to d16 toraverb practically ANY type of reverb. Essential functionality in tooraverb most studio situations.

D16’s Toraverb 2

BassDaddy Max Output Level: Normally, that means nothing to me – just give me a purely functional UI where every control’s purpose is immediately obvious. In the original Toraverb, modulation could only be applied to the tail, but Toraverb 2 puts independent D16 toraverb parameters in both the Early and Late sections, bringing a touch or a fistful! To give a better impression of physical space, we have added an innovative spatial reflection algorithm to Toraverb.


If Toraverb has been gathering dust on your disk drive, give it d16 toraverb try as a gated reverb effect on snares.

Dd16 fake-hardware 3D models are spot on. I like the presets. As noted by 2: It stands out and becomes incomparable to any reverb I have been using recently.

Toraverb 2 from D16 Group

My favourite use I have found for Toraverb 2 thus far is being able to take my guitar tone to the next level. Toraverb 2 by D16 is not like any normal reverb plug-in. Apart from the Modulation knob, toraaverb Late Reflections section remains unchanged from that of v1, comprising Size, Bass Cut, Diffusion, Attenuation and Feedback controls, the last stretching the tail out to a continuous wash at high levels, and partnering nicely with the new Ducking parameter see Mixing and ducking.

The master panel is equipped with a lock button, setting in your parameters as you cycle through the d16 toraverb of quality presets. Toraverb 2 is equipped with two independent, single band, full parametric equalizers d16 toraverb 3 available curve types each.

D16 Group Toraverb 2 review | MusicRadar

On a side note, I think D16’s art dept is pretty awesome. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? It’s listed here now. This models what happens in the real world when a sound audible only in the left ear is reflected and is heard in both ears. Cons Only one EQ band in each Reflections section.


Owner of Camino Jazz Club, an art collective d16 toraverb Toronto, Blayne continues to book shows, consult and collaborate with artists, and is constantly producing content. This give the d16 toraverb complete control of all parameters enabling them to create their own unique torzverb.

Toraverb 2 from D16 Group | Cakewalk Forums

Maybe I could have had the same result with any other delay D16 toraverb have but this was the first time I used this one and was pleased with what I got and so was Ken. And Toraverb is the most different from any of the alternatives of the lot. Reverb is a critical effect in a mix. Sonically, Toraverb 2 is all about the flexibility, solidity and overall quality of its diffusion network, which makes it easy to conjure up spaces and ambiences of all kinds.

Perfect for decluttering overwhelming tails. A unique component of Toraverb 2 d16 toraverb its innovative spatial reflection algorithm.

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