Get Your Hands on the Simulator Now! Harvey Westbury Hawker Beechcra.. Typically a controller will call you and you’ll need to say the correct response out loud into your microphone. Sunday, April 03, Q: Critique and compare your own radio speech with that of an expert. Distec Inc Donaldson Compa.. But there seems no way to get started using it?

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Comm1 VFR Radio Simulator

The moving map display was deactivated for traffic pattern operations. The student practices tuning a realistic Comm1 vfr radio simulator radio stack as part of each lesson. The moving map will be available for cross-country flight in the full simulator course still in development. The interface is not fancy but the product does have excellent content and is organized and effective in conveying the concept of using the radio and was extremely helpful in my quest for my PPL.

Prepare for each exercise with narrated briefings. Amglo Kemlite Amglo Kemlite L. Great tool for learning and practicing By Renato O.

You will also get free downloads of valuable resource materials and other training devices designed to ease your workload in the cockpit. Sunday, April 03, Q: A special setup to practice taxiing according to ground control instructions is also in production. Ascend Ashland Associated Equi. Perrone Leather Phillips smiulator Avi.


Champion Slick CheckMate Aviat. You speak, it listens. Parker Hannifin Parker Hannifin. Chelton Inc Chelton Incorpo. New South Books Nflight Technol.

Thank you for all the work that you are putting into it. Trays 4 us Trintec Triumph Actuati. Being prepared with what to say, when, and in what order, is half the battle when mastering radio communication skills. The instructionally sound curriculum in Comm1 takes you through progressively more complex airspace, so that you develop the confidence to communicate while flying in any environment.

Instant Free Access to the Aircraft Radio Simulator!

Clearances On Request Software. What had I done wrong? Pilot products Pilot Supplies. Here’s how it works: In the practice exercise, the comm1 vfr radio simulator has to determine the correct radio frequency to use using the provided standard reference materials, then tune in the simulatr into the vft “stack.

There are no people on the other end of the radio line, so you can practice and learn without being judged if comm1 vfr radio simulator make a mistake. Jeff, I have been enrolled in your website rzdio awhile, great help and thanks for everything that you are doing. You are able to use any headset that has a microphone compatible for use with a computer. The ground taxi simulator that I produced was a prototype.


Receive immediate audio feedback to your recorded radio calls. Ever fly around a big a big chunk of airspace just to avoid talking to ATC? Comm1 features practice exercises that simulate actual dialogue with ATC and cover every situation the pilot will ever get into.

Comm1: VFR Radio Simulator CD-ROM

Practice when you feel like it, without anyone looking over your shoulder. Hearing is believing when you hone tadio radio skills with FAA-reviewed Comm1: Orion Orr-lac Oshino Lamps Am. Other than sound equipment, the requirements for operation are very minimal: