The SD card has a Garmin folder with 2 files; one with a hole bunch of numbers and letters with the extension. I believe it’s been unofficially added along the way. It maybe inside the Garmin directory, can’t recall. Just a quick update. Try the test route I posted earlier in simulation mode and report back.

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Garmin w Nuvi Maps Cn Europe Nt Up To Date For Sale in Dublin from mxfusion

2010.10 In or Register to comment. I was under the impression that a DVD version was released only once a year. Not a problem on Air Canada the last time I flew with them. I’ll repost tomorrow night.

Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2016 Free Download

Thinking it was a memory problem I deleted all my other custom routes they were practice anyway except for the first 3 for Europe. You need to make sure the file named: Sorry for the long post, but will 201.10 back on return mid-August. At any rate, you cannot download the JCV file from Garmin. Good news is that service rep says Junction Bt and lane assist will work in Europe even with maps – said the JCV file is embedded in the programme file.


FYI, I figured this out a couple of releases ago by trial and error If you only see major roads then you may be seeing the built in basemaps and not City Navigator Europe. No luck, not cn europe nt 2010.10.

Try the test route I posted earlier in simulation mode and report back. JCV from the Garmin website? Just as a point of information, does Garmin release all of its “quarterly” map versions on DVD? I believe it’s been unofficially added along the way.

Did I load City Navigator Europe NT correctly?

I’ve also created some custom routes using MapSource which I want to transfer in a few days. It appears the Numi makes routes changes which I assume overrides any preference settings shorter, faster etc that may be used within MapSource.

Cn europe nt 2010.10 assume you do not get 3D buildings. For example if you had “avoid ferries” and a ferry is the only way to get there. Vn can’t find the DA. I always thought that the MapSource route would be copied over exactly.

JCV is on the SD card in a folder called: Hmm, this is going to get a bit complicated. You’ll probably need a window seat and should check with a flight attendant first as some airlines don’t allow GPS use. You should get Junction Views shortly after leaving Heathrow and heading east towards the city. I looked ehrope the When you arrive in Europe you shouldn’t have to do anything other than turn the Nuvi on.


When I turn on my Garmin in Europe, I’d rather not get a nasty surprise that I didn’t do something cn europe nt 2010.10 right. I bought my T 4 weeks ago preloaded with City Navigator North America only and have been practicing with it ever since in preparation for my trip to Europe next week.

Garmin City Navigator Europe NT Free Download

Arriving in Frankfurt at 6: Ok, hope that takes care of it for you. I did check memory and there’s 2GB left.

I cm it should eventually give up and give you a “unable to complete route” error or something similar. Have another small problem that just cropped up.