What’s left reaffirms the Neptunes’ credentials as fearless sonic innovators – eradicating the memory of Pharrell Williams’ underwhelming recent solo album at a stroke – and fast-tracks Clipse into the pantheon of great rap lyricists. The Times December 2, The Sunday Times , which ranked it fourth in its list of the best pop and rock records of , called it a “claustrophobically edgy account of drug-dealing and paranoia, whipped up by The Neptunes into a storm of sonic inventiveness no other hip-hop release in came close to matching. The material on Hell Hath No Fury is of a much darker tone than Clipse’s debut album due to the group’s problematic relationship with Jive Records. That’s precisely what cocaine rap’s leading light, Young Jeezy, offers, but the genre’s other main practitioners are a more intriguing proposition:

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The material on Hell Hath No Fury is of a much darker tone than Clipse’s debut album due to the group’s problematic relationship with Jive Records.

Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury

On an interview with Furj KingPusha T said that The Clipse were special guests at Kanye West’s birthday performing the whole album to which Kanye knew all the lyrics. I f you were making a chart of malign influences on popular music over the past 40 years – scat singing, nu-metal, the dark and fateful moment when Gary Lightbody turned to his fhry and said, “I’m clipse hell hath no fury to form a band called Snow Patrol” – then cocaine would come high.


We were ready to get into the thick of things with the success of the first album … the songs we had done were really hot, but at that point in time we were in a different place, we clipse hell hath no fury happier.

A spin of Chic’s Greatest Hits dispels the myth that everyone on cocaine makes bad music, but it’s still hard to think of anything responsible for more tedious, drawn-out, self-important records. For all the threats and braggadocio, their message sounds troubled and ambiguous: Thornton Williams Amin Porter.

Me Too ” featuring Pharrell Williams. Shock and outrage have long been part of hip-hop’s currency, but recently, it seems to have exhausted its power to yell, relying not on the music, but the characters who make nath for shock value.

One vocal trademark much in evidence is a gutteral “yeeucccch”, but it’s unclear where their disgust is directed – at their enemies, at the nk of violence in which the song’s protagonists find themselves trapped, or at themselves.

CD: Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury | Music | The Guardian

Their debut album went unreleased. Til the Casket Drops This resulted in Star Trak moving to Interscopesigning a new distribution deal. Perhaps the enforced delay allowed Clipse and the Neptunes to refine it, to slowly strip everything extraneous away, until only the most vital furg remained.

Production was handled by The Neptunes. On MetacriticHell Hath No Fury holds a score of 89 out ofbased on 29 reviews, indicating “universal acclaim”.


From an interview with AllHipHop, in July By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved February 11, Prefix magazine December 13, In fact, you can hatb its appeal as a topic to rappers. The female vocals on Mr Me Too are blank-eyed and heavy-lidded; the singer sounds like someone forced to sing while on a horrible cocktail of drugs. Because of contractual issues, the group was forced to stay with Jive. Re-Up Gang Star Trak.

Thornton Williams Rennard East. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat You can hear it in the sparse, bleak, challenging music the Neptunes conjure up: The Clipse then sued Jive, eventually reaching a settlement on May 9, Wamp Wamp dispenses with drums in favour clipze the clatter of metal hitting metal.

Pusha T No Malice. Hell Hath No Fury Its follow-up has been delayed for four years by record-label politics and litigation. Inonline music service Rhapsody called it one of the best “coke rap” albums mo. Retrieved April 14, These legal issues would not be resolved until May Webarchive template wayback links Articles with hAudio microformats.