Everybody Hates A Snitch. Pursuit Of Cream Rap da Escola Wesley. Jayton] Slow loud and bangin, we back in the loop Fresh out the pen, now I’m back in the booth Only thing I let down is the top on the coupe Boys hatin on the H, but we still gettin loot You do it for the fame; I do it for the block For the ones in the grave, and the ones on lock We next up lookin for the number one spot Tell them other rap cats they can keep the hip-hop Money don’t stop, I’m a get it all day New paint on the whip, insides all gray Other boys left, but the south gon stay Ain’t no way you gon forget about Jay- Ton, same ol’ Hoover gangsta Got up in the game, to expose the wankstas A. Pirata E Tesouro Ferrugem. Chamillionaire – Platinum Stars feat. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

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In My Feelings Drake. I’m a money makin problem, don’t believe me, ask Asylum Down to the border or Harlem, bitch, you can ask about him AY! Price Of Failure Y’all lame chamillionqire steady bumpin what? It’s Major Pain, baby Nomtombout? I ain’t think so I’m tippin slow Wen my trunk is liftin’ up look at the neons as they glow Groupies never givin’ up they be everywhere I go When that elevator chamillionaire ima rep texas up to my suite they there fo sho Told me that she didnt care about my money Wasnt hearin it Looks can be deceving as Chamillion paint apperances You know how we do it at home of Screw and purple syrup is She got turned out quicker than my power steering did [Chorus].

I’ma Rep Texas – Chamillionaire – Superplayer, músicas para ouvir

All lyrics in our website are provided for educational purposes only and they are property and copyright of their owners. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Won’t let you down Texas Takeover Remix Chamillionaire.

Salute Your General Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Faixa De Gaza Mc Orelha. Ridin’ – NYC – Remix.

Hate In Ya Eyes

Paul Wall] Hip Hop Police feat. Cardi B Maroon 5. Turn It Up Chamillionaire. This is bold text and this is normal text. That’s dem boyz from Texas that always do it big Multi-colored diamonds got us shining They say our jewerly sick Houston got a problem and you don’t want nuthin to do wit it Do you chamillionaire ima rep texas Mais acessadas de Chamillionaire.


Chamillionaire – Platinum Stars feat. And pay attention to the screen, it aint shinnin its clean They could see as soon as they see me aint assumin a thing Jewlery that you say is mean is pg My wrist like a horror flick it make the white girl scream Tell em to calm down the pinky rings the preview I put another set around my neck to be the sequel So mean that moneys the reason people turn evil So i get checks you upset soon as i leave you But be true, if you feel what im doin is wrong But its better to chamillionaire ima rep texas pissed off then pissed on Its better to stack big wads then get coins So i chase money myself and wont let you join.

Editar playlist Apagar playlist tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist? Words hit you in your head like Excedrin Tone down your voice, you’re talkin to a veteran This for HAWK, we gon grind til the last lick That bastard, flow classic Game sick, and famous like Magic Pocket full of bread, actin like I never had shit [Verse Cannot annotate a non-flat selection.

Salute Your General Paroles

You can love me or hate me But im still gonna get my money Envy and jealousy is all i see yeah chamillioniare can see the hate in ya eyes You can try but stop me I chamillionaire ima rep texas it real i keep it street So tell everybody that dont like me That i can see the hate in ya eyes. Story To Tell Chamillionaire] I’ma show you how to get your shine on shine on Turn it up the DJ playing my song my song Chamillionaire ima rep texas keep on calling my phone my phone Which one of y’all am I gone take home take home I’ma show ’em how to get the club crunk club crunk Give ’em something thats goin’ rattle that trunk that trunk Tip ya cups up until ya get drunk get drunk Tell the DJ to play it loud and turn the beat up.

Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia. And it ain’t been the same since they put chamillionaaire in the ground ain’t been the same! Trae] If you’re lookin for the south, you can tell ’em I’m home On the block, chamillkonaire can tell ’em I ain’t leavin til it’s gone Thinkin I ain’t, you can tell ’em they wrong When I pull up, blast house with the roof half gone If it come to gettin paid, understand that I got ’em Sit back, broke, I’m a show ’em that I’m not Now in the hood, four times, tryna rock Yea, I’m from the streets, no way you finna block them Mouth full of rocks, yea, money well blown Every time I talk now, money will show But just because I rap, don’t think I’m flak I hop in all black, and still run up in your home Trae the Chamillionaire ima rep texas, I got hustle and flow I do it for the boys tryna hustle and score Every hour, every day, til my body gets sore One hundred percent that my hustle is swole [Verse Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar.


Chamillionaire ima rep texas Wall] The streets is talkin and they tellin me to go get that cake No time to waste, I can’t wait, cause I got bread to imq These boys is fake, they bumpin they gums, sayin they payin dues But they preoccupied up in the mall, buyin they gal shoes I’m motivated by the diamond chains and ice grills The Johnny Dang watch in the Cadillac on vogue with cradle wheels I’m cash collectin, still trill, chasin the dollar bill My appetite is never filled, for chasin after these meals, I GOTTA GET IT!

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We ain’t worried about you fakers; we for sure gon keep it gangsta Ridin four’s and shakin haters all the time that’s all the time! You aint really like the after taste So im back to put the music business back in place Lets get back tryin to crack crack crack the safe My moneys like my liqour somethin i dont have to waste But i do, keep somethin’ that you feelin’ me?