Edited by Aidamus I guess this is the last year ill be playing CrossFire as i recently turned Marshal i know there is Higher Marshal rank to aim but i dont mind it at all as the game is totally dominated by cheaters now. Save changes Preview Cancel. X-Trap simply cannot protect the game from hacks and cheats. Which is why it’s offline now.

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Save changes Preview Cancel. WiseLogic has to deal with updating the engine in almost all CF version Minus Japan and Chinaso obviously they don’t have enough manpower to counter all of the hacks out there. It crosfire will make a comeback soon enough, however, xTrap is not only for bypass xtrap crossfire ‘company’ like PunkBuster, etc.

Retrieved from ” http: If you don’t VTC will transfer the money to a different account.

Bypass Xtrap – GAMES HACKs

But then again, they couldn’t do well with Code Hunter, of course xTrap would be the same. But I believe other versions still use Code Hunter. The rich text editor bypass xtrap crossfire not work with JavaScript switched off. Code Hunter was doing a pretty well job sinceI do not know what happened in VN, though.

Also that time when I haven’t played nor shared my account for a year and I came back finding it trashed and some random 12 year old playing it. That could be some serious problem as what you xrap said anyone could get ban without knowing that happens to anyone else maybe in other country crossfirw easy to unban false penalty.


I know my members in clan because they are only my close friends in school and family relatives my clan doesnt accept strangers or random people either.

CrossFire Bypass Xtrap(Philippines Version)

Actually now the CFPH is totally crap they celebrated the 7th Anniversary of Crossfire Philippines but the issue of hackers and cheaters have never been resolved for almost like several months straight now. I guess this is the last year ill be playing CrossFire as i recently turned Marshal i know there is Higher Marshal rank to aim but i dont mind it at all as the game is totally dominated by cheaters now.

Sign In Don’t have an account? You may check bbypass xtrap version while hovering over the Xtrap sign. Edited by Aidamus I think it’s high time Smilegate replace the game security for Crossfire.

Ybpass, VTC’s crosefire was so weak in security that sometimes you get bypass xtrap crossfire password stolen just because of a server hiccup resulted bypass xtrap crossfire your cookie not cleared when you leave.

For example every CF version uses after a time, but bypass xtrap crossfire different time periods. Edited by Anthonytheidiot Which is why it’s offline now. Figured VTC wouldn’t want to risk false positive like they did with the last month over 70k accounts locked. And finally Tencent has the Exp Server where kids test their new hacks In turn, it’s passed to Tencent so they can patch it on official server.


CrossFire Bypass Xtrap(Philippines Version)

If cf china client are translated to english i will download that though its lag from my country cuz everytime i play CF in our ph server Xtrap is really good to be honest, byppass I have to correct you on one part, SmileGate deploys everywhere the same Xtrap version after a different amount of time.

SmileGate’s hands are not that clean: The numbers of cheaters are increasing ingame as it took longer the CFPH game staff dont even talk about the issue of cheating like they dont care about it at all wich is bypass xtrap crossfire.

Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. And the saddest thing also some pro player now thought they using hacks that resulting to permanent banned: X-Trap simply cannot protect the game from hacks bypass xtrap crossfire bypasz.

Multiple game engines use Xtrap, and therefore there are a wieder range of cheat coders, not only for CrossFire, which makes it easier for cheat coders to bypass Xtrap due to the vast ‘community’ which does hacks which are also intended to bypass xTrap.