Please enter your name here. A Skype Call With Brymo”. I have been jamming this album for the past one month. The rhythm takes your heart to distant lands How the boy go take chop get strength to write new songs if na free download you dey find? My journey into self-realization.

brymo mds album

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Archived from the original on 15 January Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brymo. Another personal favourite from this album.

Brymo gave us all of that and more on this album. In a bid to celebrate this victory with Brymo, we are doing a review of his third studio album.

BrymO – Merchants, Dealers & Slaves (Extended Version) « tooXclusive

It was produced and mixed by Brymo’s frequent collaborator Mikky Me Joses. It was primarily bryymo at audiences in the U. Iheneme carry mesgs wich one all dis caro and skelewu dem carry and ur waist my waist and ginger swagger carry? Track 2 — Money is the best song on this album. Down is a song for Nigeria, intertwined in a fable.

brymo mds album

Brymo has a son named Waju Ashimi who was born on 27 March Track 5 — Grand Pa is a track that talks about his Grand father and his Non-chalant way of living and now he is running out of timer because he is getting older.


Track 2 and 3 made me understand why a fan said this album reminded him a lot of Fela. I am here already thinking about possible remixes and collabos. The beat of this song had me hooked, and the Saxophone played by a man simply referred to as David. One thing that is impressive about Brymo and his art of music is his fusion of Yoruba adages, current Nigerian situations and passion.

Album Review : Brymo – Merchants, Dealers & Slaves

It simply states that even when you know who your friends are and their familyyou can get deceived so cut your coat accordingly. Brymo’s girlfriend Esse Kakada is featured on the song “Naked”. In AugustBrymo signed a distribution deal with Spinletenabling the digital media company to distribute his next album online.

The album was however on iTunes for a while and die-hard Albun fans like us got it early. Tabula Rasa was released as the singer’s fourth studio album on 30 October ; alnum lead single “Fe Mi” was described as a “soft traditional ballad”.

My journey into self-realization. I said that because it happens to be my favorite on the album. Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 24 May It’s available on iTunes.


brymo mds album

Retrieved 28 May It was mixed and mastered by Mikky Me Joses. It’ll be nice to see a collabo with Asa You are right. I bet Fela is smiling ablum him right now. Frustrated NigeriEn You are a salient case of insanity for calling me a frustrated Nigerian.

BrymO – Merchants, Dealers & Slaves (Extended Version)

Maybe SEUN will pay you for this your comment like brymo paying the dude for his creativity. Archived from the original on 21 November I really do not have a favorite but Truthfully is close to the top.

Of course it’s supposed to be creepy. The music industry is filled with Merchants, Dealers and Slaves.