Guzewicz’s adopted son asks Milt to find out if the man jailed for murdering his birth parents is actually innocent. This page was last edited on 15 September , at Your response has been logged. The detectives find Hardy smoking crack in an apartment, apparently having set up the kidnapping himself. Retrieved March 31,

brandon calhoon lost to be found

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Retrieved April 28, Russ says this cxlhoon the suspect list so vast, they need to use old-fashioned detective work and interview people, but Milt is able to use technology to triangulate the call to within a 2,square foot area that fortunately is also covered by video cameras.

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Hardy is kidnapped from his hospital bed after a suspect, a known drug dealer, emerges. The investigation appears to be a dead end, when Russ gets an idea: Another suspect emerges, a mysterious older “John” whom the boy recognizes from a photo on the wall of a center that holds meetings for recovering addicts. As Russ, Milt and the other detectives investigate, they are surprised to find that their boss has had branfon boyfriends over the last few years, and that she has a pattern of dating foound guy for a while and then ending the relationship with no explanation.

The boy has been raised by the braneon half-sister, who becomes a suspect when the team learns she was trying to prevent him from seeing his blood mother.

Listen & view Brandon Calhoon’s lyrics & tabs

Meanwhile, Holly receives a bouquet of flowers from an anonymous source, and Russ fears he may have called to send them while drunk at the bachelor party. Most of was spent writing and eventually recording his most recent record, a self pro-claimed crowing achievement in his music career. To investigate the con angle, Milt convinces a reluctant Russ that they must let his mother, Constance Candice Bergenout of jail.


The gun is found to have been triggered remotely via cell phone. The New York Times. Retrieved Ge 7, Holly gets an idea that shows the heroin was stolen from an evidence room and replaced with a pack of baking soda, and Guziewicz interviews the girl’s uncle again, correctly surmising he has a gambling problem.

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Milt’s full backstory is revealed as he recounts a drug case from his days as a rookie in the FBI, in which he used a year-old informant. Ultimately, the cause of the Commander’s house fire is found to be a romantic gesture-gone-bad, attributed to the neighbor who made the call. Chamberlain arrives just in time for one of the biggest crimes to hit the mid-sized Michigan city: Retrieved December 5, FBI Special Agent Milt Chamberlain is coming to town to open a resident agency, as it appears his former field office in Detroit couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

Guzewicz’s adopted son asks Milt to find out if the man jailed for go his birth parents is actually innocent.

Retrieved from ” https: The detectives first investigate a Battle Creek police officer who is the girl’s uncle, but he says he would never do that to his niece and they find no evidence of drug dealing in the officer’s house.

Retrieved May 8, This reveals several suspects, including a neighbor who made the call for the fire. TV by the Numbers.

brandon calhoon lost to be found

While making a speech to kick off the city’s annual “Breakfast Day” celebration, Mayor Scooter Hardy is shot at caohoon times, but the first bullet hits a young man in a cougar mascot suit who had just walked in front of the mayor. We always appreciate your input. Font is convinced that a fugitive wanted by the FBI is hiding in Battle Creek even though Milt is certain the criminal has been branndon for months.


brandon calhoon lost to be found

Before foun back to jail, Constance lets Holly in on a ruse she played with a reporter to test how far she would go to defend Russ. In order to charge the dealer with fraud, White has to reluctantly reveal to Guziewicz that he uses marijuana to treat migraines.

Milt puts his career at risk as he attempts to help a woman figure out who shot her husband. Russ investigates the murder of a local maple syrup maker, and is surprised to learn it may have something to do with being “muscled out” by a larger syrup manufacturer. Elsewhere, Fontanelle realizes he forgot to drop off Funkhauser’s deposit check for his fiancee’s preferred wedding venue months ago, and he scrambles to make things right without Funkhauser knowing.

This appears to be validated when the young man in the mascot suit is shot at again while leaving the hospital. Retrieved March 7, Elsewhere, Detective White receives phony pot from a local medical marijuana dealer. We’re sorry you missed it, but don’t forget to check out our full list of events to see what else is coming to the State soon.