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Bolkya resha rdsha by Jyoti, 5 years ago. I also used to hard code changes directly into my theme files but I find it very messy when I have to update to the latest versions. Home Humor bolkya resha. Get money to complete offers instantly.

Marathi Unlimited : Bolkya Resha Marathi Cartoon

Get free recharges on your purchases from flipkartmakemytripshopcluesabof and plus other stores. There are lots of people looking for this feature and I do not want to install a plugin at all.

Anyway, changed the functions. When I view the full post in the feed my images render fine, but I would like the snippet feed to show a picture first, then the first few lines of text. Bolkya resha images wordpress blog platform are the best on this planet. Enter mobile or email. And, every time you answer all the questions correctly in any quiz, you are eligible to win up to Rs. It was really a headache to see the RSS-to-email campaigns without no images because the RSS feed did not have the necessary tag to pull images from.


Thank you for sharing this article -Add featured image to RSS feed. I can send you anything you need to look at it. Hi, and thanks for a great explanation about bolkya resha images feeds and images. Birth Year Hi, I did what you said in my wordpress blog and it did not work.


Play Daily Games Playing daily games is a simple trick to earn free recharge every day. Often, you get paid instantly when you complete an offer. Anyway to modify your feed function to include the price of woocommerce products to the product feed? Bolkya resha images this working very easily. Needs to search more and find a solution for this. You should always be using child themes to prevent issues when updating your theme.

It’s all free money and you don’t have to purchase anything to earn them. I pasted the code into my function. At any point of time, amulyam hosts instant credit offers worth Rs. Glad you got things working! And, if you are creative enough, create a quiz or poll or rate it contest and earn free recharge. Enter valid Verification Imaes. Hi, I had a quick question for you. Play Contests Play any of our plus quiz contests in various bolkya resha images including bollywood, cricket, tollywood, kollywood, politics and brands.


Shopping online is something all of us do often. Pratish, Bolkya resha images, Thanks for sharing the solution… was thinking of how to link the image itself. However, still the images in RSS feed look really big and wish to resize them to a suitable size.

I have never done this kind of code editing before but I have read that one should do changes in the child theme. Upload a funny pic you come across internet and get paid to do so. Lekker dag, Like Like.