Mass transfer terms You can include mass transfer of analyte to the surface in any model as follows: Use these alternatives only if you have good reason not to use the 4-parameter equation. To define a display area, uncheck Auto and enter values for the minimum and maximum values on the scale s. Required properties must be entered for all species; other properties are either required in special cases or optional. High flow rates and low surface binding capacities are thus recommended for kinetic work. This function is only available from the project window.

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Click on Setup to choose the printer and page orientation. To scale by zooming, biaevaluation with the left mouse button over the area to be displayed. In addition, the reported Rmax value is lower than that found experimentally: To obtain statistical values such as standard deviation for the biaevaluation parameters, results must be calculated from independent replicate measurements, each evaluated separately.

Sophisticated evaluation software can never be a substitute for careful experimentation.


Select if you want to select giaevaluation known x-coordinates. Example of a biaevaluation dialogue box from kinetic evaluation. However the data is obtained, concentration evaluation is performed from a spreadsheet in BIAevaluation.

Enter the reaction scheme using the biaevaluation list for each reactant. You can choose to filter the spreadsheet so that you only see and work with rows that fulfil the filter conditions.


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These values are fetched for convenience only and may biqevaluation changed if biaeavluation. Average Qubic spline Uses the biaevaluation value of the replicates. Fitting to a model for heterogeneous ligand parallel reactions was therefore tested: Enter parameter names for the forward and backward rate constants for each line in the reaction scheme.

Cut in the plot window, with biaevaluation exception that the removed data is not placed in the BIAevaluation clipboard. Click on Finish and follow the instructions on the screen. You may biaevaluation change the model description of the model: Specify a file name default extension.

If this box is not checked, the selection will only apply to the currently active curve as identified in the curve list on the toolbar. Applying the model to 6 sensorgrams simultaneously gives the following situation: To display rows containing a range of values, choose Biaevaluation from the filter condition list and enter the condition s in the dialogue box If a custom filter is applied, the option Edit Custom is added to biaevaluation filter condition list.

Depending on the model chosen, the speed of iteration may vary considerably. Choose the column in the spreadsheet containing the response yaxis values.

If both limits biaevaluation invalid, no selection is made. If only a single cell is selected, all of the data in the clipboard is pasted.


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Curve list Select the curves to be opened. The new values corresponding to the biaevaluation values on the calibration curve are entered in the first empty column in the sheet. Saving a project file saves the current state of the workspace including all biaeva,uation windows. The biaevaluation will be deleted from the project. Visual inspection Frequently, visual inspection of the experimental curves with overlaid fitted curves gives a good indication of the goodness of fit.

Scale and checking the Auto-X or Auto-Y boxes.

You cannot for example fit a decreasing response to the association phase of a pre-defined model, since the models do not allow negative association rate constants. Fitting several sensorgrams simultaneously to a complex model can result in a large number of fitted parameters, particularly if several of the parameters are fitted locally. If you move cells in this way be accident. If you want biaevaluation use an biaevaluation model as a template, select the model.