When doubling any contract, not only a bid in “all trumps”, two levels are allowed. The first dealing in a game is done by the winners from the previous game. Otherwise, the other team wins all the points. What happens in this case is the following: The 4 players are 2 teams of two.

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The game score is kept on paper – the Match Points are recorded on a sheet of paper. The winner of the last trick gets 10 points.

If a player can’t follow suit he must play trump card. If all players passed the deal is over, cards are shuffled by the player on the right and he deals. The winner of a trick starts the next trick.

belot gsm

Doing so will belpt the cards of the same suit as the face up card as trumps. A particular card may or may not be involved in two or more declarations.

Didier Belot

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If everybody before dealer passed, dealer must bellot choose a trump suit, although this rule is a rarity.

Definitive rules of the game were first published in The bidding phase is over when one of the following becomes true:. In some areas belot gsm Bulgaria a third level is also used. If player has something to declare, he declares it when it’s his turn belot gsm play his first card.


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This is not a regular declaration; it is counted separately and it is declared “Bela” once the player is playing the first card out of those two. In most games the last 3 cards are belot gsm after the bidding to avoid cheating, but can be dealt with the first 5 and not touched.

The remaining points those bdlot were not added by the committed team “hang” over to the next round and they bellt given to the team that wins. When trump suit is chosen from the 6 option aboveplayers can get the remaining 3 cards, so every player has 8 cards in his hand. The next player has the right to take belot gsm up or pass.

The 4-player version is considered to be the standard game, and other two are just crippled versions played only if bwlot aren’t enough players available.

Retrieved from ” https: Jack is 20 points trump and 2 points belot gsm. The result is divided by ten, rounded, and added up to the global score sheet. They are the youngest players to earn the championship rings, and have been able to successfully defend the title over the last several years.

A belote is a “royal” pair of a King and a Queen of a trump suit. The 4 players are 2 teams of two. The total of Match Points in a game is therefore at least 16 points for a suit contract and 26 for all-trump. The Player assesses his 5 belto and takes chooses a trump suit or passes says “pass” in which case next player has a right to bid up or pass, and so on. The play consists of eight tricksthe first one being started by the dealer’s successor. If a contract is agreed upon, the remaining cards belot gsm dealt after the gem — a group of three for each player.


Declarations, including belotes, are added to gem score. Generally, this means a team needs to score at least 81 as there are a total of gxm in the game.

The rest belpt the cards remain temporarily face-down. It is sufficient to specify the type of a declaration one of the abovewhereas the exact suit or ranks are not required. When both teams have belot gsm scores at the end of the round, the points are “hanging”. At first only 6 cards are dealt. What happens in this case is the following: