Sorry to hear that, seems like there is a conflict between the theme and the plugin — usually a javascript function name or something like that. The plugin works efficiently; super simple to install and maintain and super efficient at the backend! Add hReview and AggregateRating support based on schema. Other options to customize the plugin are the size and alignment of the review box, the style, button color and other details so there is a lot you can do with it to make it fit with your blog! Abusing search engines in not a good practice, especially if this can hurt others, some webmasters fake or fabricate reviews in a try to get more traffic to their sites.

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WordPress Reviews is a more advanced plugin than the Author HReview, with more features like user reviews and comments.

Author Hreview Review – Increase Search Traffic With Eye Catching SERPS

More Advanced Plugins Looking for more functionality? So there are 2 types of shortcode that you can use with different options.

If your pages are marked correctly, search engines may show rich snippets -detailed information- in search results. On August 2, You can choose to hide the ratings box on individual pages rather than doing it globally in the main settings here. June 23rd, at Review information such as ratings author hreview pro descriptions can help users to better identify pages with good content.

Use it only when you review good stuff! I would go with- 1 your not using a picture of a person 2 you not using a real name 3 not in many circles 4 looks spammy. Send post to email address, comma separated for multiple emails. So we can just select a rating, say 3.


Author hReview |

June 4th, at You can preview the rich snippet before without the rating and after with the rating. If you also integrate authorship you will get results that look like this with your rating and also include your picture. I like this plugin very much.

September 16th, at 9: As if you look at it from the wordpress plugins page it says Requires: Google is is inviting publishers to mark up their Author hreview pro. Fixed button style to solve compatibility issues with themes. What are your thoughts? If you come to the testimonials menu in the back end here you can view all of the current testimonials and if we just jump in and have a look at what they author hreview pro like. September 6th, at You can also see this appear in the recent comments widget here when people have left ratings and you can see the recent reviews widget that we saw with Author Hreview.

Abusing search engines in not a good practice, especially if this can hurt others, some webmasters fake or fabricate reviews in a try to get more traffic to their sites. There are some neat widgets for displaying the testimonials around your site but the coolest part would have to be the actual submission of them.


Increase Search Result Visibility With My Author Hreview Review

AuthorHReview is the original plugin that adds the review boxes, WordPress Reviews lets readers submit their own review and Customer Testimonials allows the user to gather testimonials and put them any place on author hreview pro website ppro your liking. You can easily report them to Google. Just an excerpt from the trstimonial…. Build an Amazing Product Reviews Website! I presume you have to download it from the site authorhreview.

Say Hi to the Author hReview Pro

Google still count that after all the updates in ? What are you now using for the popular posts thats rotating between social networks. From what I can gather people that have emailed him directly have had good support but please feel free to post a screenshot of the comments for future reference! Or you can list related reviews based on tags so if you have a couple of posts reviewing 2 author hreview pro link building services and they both have the tag link building you can actually list all the related link building reviews here.

August 28th, at 7: Matt, you own a copy so will have access to the forum look under my username Jasonle and see for yourself.