All About Symbian – News. Browse the Latest Snapshot. This means, you can find Gravity! Posted by Unknown at 2: Layout of the pull down bar.

attisx themes

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Here Dhaval rocks, he has designed the icon pack brilliantly. Now, probably the strongest part of the theme.

Symbian Developers » Belle Themes

All About Symbian – News. Carla was a beauty but lacked a lot of things like third party icons and some sort of element themez. The wallpaper is one of the strongest point of this theme and the same covers all the phone background. The shift button is smart enough and looks pretty and distinct to other keys. Fascination is the very first theme of these series having a simple colorful design and stunning four colored stripped wallpaper.

The look of the theme is extremely nice it includes many colours mainly different shades of grey for the main User interface but the icons are Windows phone based which gives it a nice touch.

Ssyams-Symbian: THEME:Steel Black Silver DFLT by AttisX

Theme was brilliantly fast, as far as my phone an FP1 device was concerned. Nokia E71 Blog For Fanatics. This bottom bar is actually everywhere, even, on the homescreen it looks like a striking thmes strip.


attisx themes

Dialer has red color imposed on black background with additional key pressing effects. In this theme, although Dhaval has not been able to skin third party icons except a few very important oneshe has made many quality improvements in phone UI.

Heavy Metal Basic can be downloaded for free via Store and the Pro version can be grabbed using this download link. The skinned elements and the background both are of true high definition qualities. This kind of work need a lot of time and skills. A Glossy beauty carla v2 by blade: Heavy Metal themes can be themmes to thhemes who are looking atgisx a light theme with some dark and transparent flavors.

There is a combination of blue- pink-purple colours Wallpapers used in the theme are HD and fully crisp. Some icons disappear in main menu with only text being displayed.

Symbian Developers » Belle Themes

Contact us about this article. The icons included are one of the best looking.

attisx themes

The third of best theme of this series. Quick comparison of E71 and E72 — the E71 successo Dhaval settles all the elements very nicely, there is nothing like extraordinary though. Canis Majoris is a highly recommended theme which can be downloaded from Nokia Store for a couple of euros.


This means, you can find Gravity! The comparison of the standard and Pro version can be found here.

attisx themes

Download for free from Nokia Store: Beta Labs blog posts. Okay that he has skinned all system icons and some important ones, like Opera Mini and whatsapp, he still need to work in this area.

ClearBlack Lite Themes

The navigation bar menu bar is almost opaque and shiney dark-red in colour. Inspired from popular anna styled icons, this theme features about a thousand customized third party icons in colorful themrs style.

Meanwhile, Chirag has made two more such themes with the same interface but different color and icons. Can be bought from Nokia Store. Elements Now, probably the strongest part of the theme.