Kaguro slashes Sanan and Sekia pieces thus saving Tokine, becomes intrigued when Yoshimori attempts to muster the ignited aura once again, and departs back to the Kokuboro headquarters, recovering some of the human skin suit for Aihi. The ayakashi , named Yumigane , transforms and grows too strong for Yoshimori. As it is revealed to be a cloned shikigami , the real Yoshimori senses Gen during his nap on the roof, trying to locate his presence. At a riverbank, Tokiko, still declining his request, tells Yoshimori to continue protecting the site, since he is not strong enough to enter the dimension to Kurosusuki on his own. Tokine sets up a barrier around her, yet Yoki gradually tries to crush her from the outside. Even though Gagin puts up a flame shield, Gen is able to break through it just in time for Yoshimori to deflect the flame ball. Yoshimori, shocked to see Gen destroy some of his crow shikigami , chases him to the roof.

anime kekkaishi episode 49 sub indo

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Kekkaishi Episode 49 Subtitle Indonesia

Kekkaishi Episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia. Yurina tries aub inform a half-asleep Yoshimori about the matter, but to no avail. When Lord Uro and Mamezo enter the orb, Yoshimori begins to feel abnormal and unstable, but maintains perseverance. Using the back draft phenomenon suggested by Yoshimori, the two are able to destroy the ayakashiwhich impresses Masamori.

anime kekkaishi episode 49 sub indo

Kaguro gives him a purple egg, one that would be his servant when it hatches. Yoshimori and Tokine feels quite kekkaisshi when the Yagyou move into the neighborhood. Yoshimori cleverly creates an elevating barriers for Kekkaaishi to shoot spiked barriers at Haizen, letting Yoshimori to detonate him, Tokine is then taken hostage by Sanan and Sekia after Yoshimori was able to kill Haroku. The family says farewell to Masamori ineo he takes his leave.


Yaichi and Tsukinojo, Atora’s horse and bird ayakashiseem epispde be no match against Sakon. Masamori returns home the next day and joins the family kekkaiehi dinner. After taking Tokine to her laboratory, Aihi reveals that she lacks the evil aura because she had fallen in love with an ill man after being sealed in his house for a while.

Byaku arrives and tries to plant a worm inside Yoshimori, only to be resisted as well. Epksode at night, Yoshimori and Tokine pursue a freezing ayakashi known as Hiwatari.

As the Yagyou recuperate, he discovers that both Yoshimori and Sen are missing and that they are both currently in the Kokubouro headquarters. It is mentioned that Shigemori is on a hiking trip with a group of senior citizens, while Shuji is meeting his editor for his novel.

When the three gather together, Tokine captures Fuzuki in a barrier of three layers and destroys her thereafter. Sakona lizard ayakashiwho is a subordinate of Gagin, requests that Byaku should allow him to take over leadership for the first task force. Yoshimori tries to convince Masamori to consider having Gen resume his assignment. Kaguro, influenced by three ayakashihad killed Sakai, after the latter had hesitated to strike back. At night, Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen face an ayakashi named Bell Ringer, one that uses bells to create unbearable sounds waves.

As she recovers, Yoshimori vows to aub let anyone else get hurt by any more ayakashias he continues five years later defending their school with his full strength. Kekkaishi Episode 35 Subtitle Indonesia. Penyakit misterius telah menyebar ke aime dunia dalam sekejap.


Mushi-shi adalah peneliti Mushi dengan harapan agar memahami hierarki kehidupan mereka di dunia ini. Tokine briefs Yoshimori and Gen that they may need reinforcements from the Urakai someday soon. The shrine jekkaishi compares life to sweeping leaves on a windy day, in which one must to be enlightened by their surroundings.

Eureka Seven Episode Subtitle Indonesia. Masamori had captured and had brought Gen back to the Yagyou headquarters, sealing his powers with a flame tattoo in order to train him to control them.

anime kekkaishi episode 49 sub indo

However, at that moment, an ignited aura, recognized as a zekkai absolute barriersurrounds Yoshimori causing Sen to back away. There are scenes explored of when Yomi had first received Yoki as her demon. Kekkaishi Episode 14 Subtitle Indonesia. Yoshimori allows himself to be taken by Shion to go to Kokubouro in order inod get to Kaguro.

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Tokiko has finally returned, just to announce to Tokine that she will be leaving again two days later. Yoshimori, Tokine, ihdo Gen continue to take out the army of ayakashiwith Byaku and Shion monitoring this.

anime kekkaishi episode 49 sub indo

Shigemori is verified by Matsudo of the location of the Kokuboro headquarters.