We are particularly advanced in the area of Fiqh. I’ve read many writings written by DR. Ali, Toronto, Canada ali toronto, on canada – fekr meikonam shariati tanha kesi bashe ka shaiesteh esmesh ast God bless you all. In one word we miss him in those days. We must follow him ,follow his holly-goals.

alireza roozegar man toro taki mp3

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We are a group of Muslim feminists who would like to use his texts in a reading circle. Ke Baa shenaakhte Ali deegar zolm mpp3 zaalem har do bee ma nast. Mir Ghulam Abbas Talpur Karachi, Pakistan very good thank you hamid alizadeh tehran-tajrhsh, iran i would request you to kindly place all the books of dr ali shariati in pdf format both in english and urdu language. Everybody was listening carefully. This is twki nice to see that somebody is trying to pass Drs thoughts to the next generation.

alireza roozegar man toro taki mp3

P Shiraz, Iran – Sakarya-Ada tork I like to recommend his books and his work to everyone, specially the younger generation, who has not been introduced to this great thinker of our time.

I was a young man when I was exposed to his works, and it changed my life forever; For this, I thank him enormously. I Inspired me for search the Islamic scholar and prepare a link to them and share with others Md.

Not to mention his phenomenal literary eloquence. Is it possible, how? I had my life changed to a better way in spiritual way, not material I am sure that Islam is far more universal than I have ever understood it.


Maybe you think that I am exagerating, or dramatizing, but no I am not. This great shame will remain for Pahlavi Regime that during 70 years of corruption and constructive conspiracy against Iranian’s Interests, have killed many great Iranian, eith by direct Orders of Executions like Khosro Golesorkhi, or by conspiracy, like Dr.

His works will be remember till centuries. I see it everytime I watch the news.

Man Toro To Ki

I can deal with them, and they do not worry me a bit, not taik their weapons of mass destruction and not by their philosophies, and not by their intellectuals, and not by their claims of human rights or whatever. May Allah guide you always.

At that I did not know about him. We must do,no just speek. In order to introduce Dr.

alireza roozegar man toro taki mp3

Shari’ati may he rest in peace! I have been looking for two decays and I have not given up yet; if anyone knows such ,p3 person, please let me know. Please submit your comments to us and it will be posted to this page promptly.

I know them, and I know them very well, a nd I know them very deep, and they have tried to brain wash me, so many times, and they have failed and they have lost the intellectual battele, and they will loose all the other battles sooner or later.


But how can we mkae alive his atitiude again!!! May GOD forgive all of us who didn’t try to understand the God’s values and wills for human dignity,freedom, and colorless and classless justice for human beings from his brave heart and mind. Thank you very much and god bless.

Alireza Roozegar – ‘Man Toro To Ki’ MP3 |

Shariati olguye tamame qlireza Irani dar sar ta sare jahan bashe, balke betavanim ba komake khate fekriye ishan Irane Azad ra dobare besazim. Shariati atas pengorbanan beliau selama hidup dan Islam akan maju -Insya Allah. What else can I say except “You did a great job”? Nobody is writing these now T help you for farther progress in the important task that you have in front of yours. Just wanted to say that if any alifeza your friends want to read Quran in Farsi, please do it at my site.

Good Luck to you! Shariati works that you have reproduced here under the Section Books, Speeches.