Kinda jumping on this whole Ajapai boat here.. No memes, pictures, “dance videos,” or content that isn’t directly related to the music. Is this even music!? Over the last couple of years Ajapai has toured internationally in Europe, Canada, and America. The Good And Pretty. Jash’s Of Sign In Don’t have an account?

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So heavy with a decent sound system! Ajapai – Incoming VIP youtube. Be respectful and eloquent when stating your opinions. Refrain from posting links to illegal content—this is not the place for file sharing. It even went on to secure ajwpai Beatport Annual award, which is testament to the ajapai incoming that this man means business.

He also ajapai incoming up his own label, Ajapai Entertainment, which jncoming numerous successes including a remix of ‘Incoming’ ended up getti Top Dank Dubstep Producers.

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What Do You Hear? If you can listen to it on your phone speaker, it’s probably ajapai incoming Dubstep. The completely and utter destruction he releases on dance floors can only be understood by witnessing his DJ sets live for yourself.


Ajapai’s EP’s on Rottun has absolutely floored audiences all over the world and has charted amazingly well, consistently landing in the Top 3 on the Dubstep charts. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of ajapai incoming internet.

With a style like no other and a commitment to quality, it is guaranteed that the only direction for Ajapai to go is straight up!!! Great For Falling Asleep Ajapai incoming. Ajapai is easily one of the sickest dubstep producers on the scene. His first dubstep release What Do You Hear? Event listings, and more Dubstepforum. Submit a new link. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

No spamming your own youtube channel.

Devstep – September Ajapai’s EPs ajappai Rottun have absolutely floored audiences all over the ajapai incoming and have charted amazingly well, consistently landing in the top 3 on the dubstep charts. It’s ok to criticize a track but it is not ok to be an asshat about it. A basic guide to telling the difference.

UKF Music Podcast #10 – Dodge & Fuski in the mix by UKF | Mixcloud

Submit a new text post. Kinda jumping ajapai incoming this whole Ajapai boat here. Want to add ajapai incoming the discussion? Dubstepit Releases tunes from reddit’s own. Full albums are okay as long as the playlist contains just a single album. Link to the original artist or label wherever possible. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. If it doesn’t have sub-bass, or a 2-step beat, chances are it doesn’t belong here. For a more in-depth explanation of the above rules, check the wiki.


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Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, the music he conjures up is like no other–a constant barrage of unique noises tailored to be ajapai incoming pure assault of the senses right from the get go. The complete and utter destruction he releases on dance floors can only be understood by witnessing his DJ sets live for yourself. Retrieved from ” http: