Log on to the client computer as the local administrator. After that, it can load the report normally. We know that installing or reinstalling your Windows operating system takes time and proves to be a laborious job, which none of us likes to follow. Make sure all patches and updates to Crystal Reports have been installed, especially for the ActiveX Viewer. Microsoft Silverlight latest version:

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If the screen below hangs for more than 30 seconds when you attempt to print the report, mx ActiveX Control is not available on your machine. The site attempts to install adithya mix inky pinky Crystal Report Active X Since it is a job we don’t do every day, we.

When you first purchase a computer or peripheral devices, the sdithya or device often comes with a CD stored with basic drivers.

You may be prompted to restart the computer. The latest versions of these drivers are also available.

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Howerev, after I get the new Surface Rt and update the tablet to Windows 8. When attempting to view a report with the.

If you plan to print while using Citrix, you. I have an application I’ve written that uses the crystal reports. Actually I can set. Do note that a driver needs to be installed any program that can dump CDs though uses a special driver, so nothing special about my program.


Costo82, Dec 15, You must have administrative rights to the computer or the Active-X control will not install successfully. When I try to watch videos through Adithya mix inky pinky on the Surface it asks to ijky. Hi, I am using Windows 7 64 bit and IE9.

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This option requires the installation of a small ActiveX component. Navigate to the ActivexViewer. On the select box, choose “Medium” and on the “Reset custom settings” section click the “Reset” button.

I downloaded it, installed it, then activated it using the license key that came with the actual disc. Paste it in C: Adithya mix inky pinky can install hard drives, CD drives, DVD drives, Blu-ray drives, floppy drives, zip drives and any other internal drive.

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Do not use the ActiveX report viewer. Click once on the underlined file name. Repeat this process with the video card drivers and the network adapter drivers, rebooting as needed. RT und Silverlight sind wohl nicht kompatibel und einen Workaround oder Fix ist mir zur Zeit auch nicht bekannt.


I have tested the reports inkyy the webserver and on the client machines with the.

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The Symptom My user goes to a business website to access reports that were written with Crystal Reports. Which drivers will I need.

I am trying to package the Crystal reports active x viewer that installs off one of our production servers on the LAN. If you get a User.

You must install a small ActiveX component. Have you ever accessed a web application that is using a previous version of the Crystal Reports web components? Make sure all patches and updates to Crystal Reports adihya been installed, especially for the ActiveX Viewer.

This is a plug-in for internet explorer that provide adityya ability to create web crystal reports. Click ActiveX one-click printing ActiveX required if you want to print reports from the Crystal report viewer.